Serendipity Gardens: Anthropologie Inspired Wedding

When I first met our bride, I was overjoyed to hear that she was looking for a wedding that was completely inspired by her personal style. She loved the natural and bohemian styles behind the Anthropology brand. This of course, was music to my ears! After our consultation and the exchange of several inspirational photos, we were able to design a colorful can[...]

Casa Romantica: Southern Charm Wedding

Casa Romantica in gorgeous San Clemente CA, is truly one of the most beautiful ocean-front venues we have been so fortunate to design at. The spectacular Chara Nicole of Open Box Designs brought the lovely Dedra and William our way to see if we can make their Southern Louisiana infused wedding a reality. Corals, blush tones, mercury glass, and accents of gol[...]

Disneyland Resort: A Magical Day to Remember

John and Debbie hosted their nuptials at the Disneyland Resort, hey why not have your happiest day at the happiest place alive. We felt the love and magic all around us! This was such a fun and colorful event to design for the wonderful bride and groom. Not to mention who wouldn't love to visit Disney while they were at work! We provided John and Debbie with[...]

Event Planning Vs. Event Design - The Difference Matters

As you get started on organizing a big event, such as a wedding or other great celebration in life, you will need to know the difference between your event planner and event designer. An event planner is someone who helps you figure out HOW to make the event happen. This is someone who likely has well-established connections with vendors and will organize[...]

Birthday Party Event Design - Celebrating a Special Year

Some birthday parties just feel much more important than others. We mark certain years with more fanfare than others because they are significant points in life, such as turning 25, 30, and 40, to name a few. Turning 25, for example, is a big deal because it's considered the quarter-life year. Young women in their teens often celebrate turning fifteen with a[...]

The Power of Purple - Design With The Color of Royalty

There are many shades of purple to choose from, so if this is your favorite color, you'll enjoy designing an event that explores its many hues. It is a color that strays from the safety of pinks and is more mysterious and rich. Purple is a rarely-occurring color in nature, which makes it that much more special and is the reason why it was a lot of work to[...]

Beautiful Mother's Day Event Design

For a beautiful and perfect Mother's Day celebration, your event design should channel everything sweet and elegant about motherhood. Think about decadence, richness of color, and feminine tones as well as luscious floral design that inspires awe in your guests. The following are possible elements that you can take into consideration for pulling together [...]

Personalizing Your Event Design - All About You

Sometimes when planning a big event, you want it to reflect a part of your personality. It's like letting people into your world for an evening by immersing them in your favorite colors and surrounding them with your favorite decor and floral design. For the bright and cheerful, this might mean incorporating beautiful and fragrant sunflowers as part of th[...]

Retirement Party Event Design - Three Ideas For a Memorable Evening

Retirement parties are meant to be memorable events where everyone gathers to honor someone who is finally ready to move on to a new phase in life. After so many years of dedicated service, a retirement party needs to be a well-crafted and beautifully designed event because the way you put everything together will speak volumes for how everyone feels about t[...]

Hosting 101 - Party Planning For Fun

If you are asked to help organize an event, you'll have a few pieces of information to start putting together so that you know what to anticipate and how large the event should be. Sometimes you and your friends just want to organize a fancy dinner party at home. Or, you may have been commissioned to put together an event for colleagues. If so, here are a[...]