Rustic Beauty - Event Design That Channels Craftsmanship

For those of you who love the rustic beauty of great craftsmanship, this might just be for you. It's not too often that you see event design for traditionally formal events that takes a different path toward something unexpected such as what is happening in the image above. The dessert table is a beautiful, large wooden table in a room that looks like a poli[...]

Inspired By Spring - Event Design For Warmer Weather

The spring season is when we finally feel some reprieve from a long, cold winter. The weather finally gives us more sunshine-filled days with comfortably cool breezes, which means we can start planning for a few great outdoor events. What better way to enjoy the blooming beauty of nature than by partying in it? With the rain and sunshine that nature gets [...]

Something Blue - A Classic Yet Sassy Hue

We recently saw a stunning shade of blue on Amy Adams' dress on the red carpet during the Oscars. We can channel the beauty of this color in its various shades for our own special events and incorporate it into various elements of our design. We often think of silver as the perfect pairing with blue, but gold is just as elegant and chic, as you can see in[...]

Eagle Glen: Danielle + Doug

Purple, lavender, and plum details for this lovely couple! This Eagle Glen Wedding was the perfect location for Danielle and Doug, which were absolutely a pleasure to work with, now I know we say that a lot but hey we love all of our couples, each unique in their own way. We provided tons of purple hues for Danielle and Doug. Tables were adorn with some of o[...]

Getting Down To Business - Company Party Event Design

Corporate events deserve a touch of class and flair that takes the guests as far away from the office as possible. Company party event design is an opportunity to show your employees a fabulous night and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do. You will want to do more than just toss together a few bland table linens, floral arrangements, and[...]

A Quick Guide To Floral Design Flower Selection

Flowers come in so many colors, shapes, making them the most flexible and fun element of event design. A specific floral arrangement lets a person know the difference between being at a luau, a wedding, or a memorial service, so you want to make sure that you go with colors and types that help to augment the kind of atmosphere you want to create. The symbol[...]

Floral Design That Inspires Your Events

Carefully chosen floral design helps you communicate a strong message to your guest about the particular climate you want to establish for the party. For example, a lush romantic night can be inspired by dark-colored orchids, which are delicate and feminine, or plush red roses that convey a sense of passion as they emanate their classic, romantic scent. F[...]

Color Inspiration: Vibrant Wedding Surprises

When designing the look and feel of a wedding, you can easily incorporate vibrant colors and avoid sticking to a too-safe two-toned theme. These vibrant color inspirations can be brought in through your floral arrangements and linens. You will especially want bright colors if your event is being held outdoors because the more open an area is, the better and [...]

The #1 Strategy You Need When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a very exciting, personal event. You want it to be perfect and you want it to unfold the way that you imagine it so that you can share your vision with everyone you invite. But there is one thing that could be holding you back during your wedding planning, and it's a mistake that so many people find so difficult to avoid. Simply put,[...]

Casa Romantica: Deia + Aaron

It's all about location, location, location with this couple! Deia and Aaron had their wedding at Casa Romantica in San Clemente, Ca. This venue is by far one of the most romantic places we have ever been to! Surrounded by beautiful spanish style buildings and gardens, this places sits right on the ocean. Deia and Aaron sure know how to set the tone! We prov[...]