Creative Process Board 2
Before considering a consultation, we encourage you to have a date and venue selected. This allows us to properly prepare and plan an event aesthetic and design for your event needs. Pricing is custom created depending on each individual event and presented only after a consultation. Please note that our Studio has a minimum financial commitment and book on a first come, first serve basis.


Our Creative Process
  • Inquiry: Submit the form below to activate your design account in our system.
  • Brochure: A brochure will be sent to you where you can pick the service that is best for you!
  • Client Application: Submit the application that is sent to you with all the event information you have so far.
  • Application Review: We will look over the details and contact you for a quick chat to clarify your event needs and budget.
  • Quick Chat: We educate you on our pricing structure based on your needs to determine if we are a good fit and if we can serve you well!
  • Design Estimate: A design estimate is presented and a retainer is collected to secure your event date and start the design process.
  • Contract Signing: A retainer is collected to reserve your event date and your contract is signed to begin the design process.
  • Design Consultation: Since aesthetics and preferences change over time, this meeting usually takes place 4-5 months before your event so that we have time to get to know you and you can explore and decide on design ideas closer to your event date. During the 1 hour allotted, we will discuss the aesthetics, logistics, and details of your event. This includes reviewing inspirational photos, swatches, create sketches,  and sample selections from our inventory. We want to make sure that you a walk away with a detailed vision on how everything will look for the BIG day!
  • Custom Proposal: The revised proposal is presented for review and approved.
  • Client Experience: We value customer service to the maximum! As the planning continues, you can contact us as many times as you wish with questions and updates as we go along. Our system keeps us organized and on top of all the details to keep you up-to-date and to ensure peace of mind!
  • Details Consultation: 1 month prior to the event, we meet to view a sample of your design, solidify numbers, revise, and finalize details.
  • FAQ: Please take a moment to read more information regarding securing services with Posh Peony by clicking {HERE}.