YAY!! Votes are in and we are one step closer thanks to you!

July 2, 2012

Mission Small Business

Hello everyone! I had a super busy weekend with weddings and events and did not have a chance to update you Saturday on the voting outcome. Well, we did it!!! We reach over 250 votes by the deadline all thanks to YOUR amazing support. We are now one step closer to a GRAND opportunity that will enable us to grow our business and be able to do more amazing weddings and events. At the same time, give back to our community in various ways.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that took the time to vote and those of you who actually re-posted the link on your own facebook account to share as well. I know we are all short on time these days and these voting contests can be a bit annoying sometimes, but you all stuck by me and that means the world to me. So thank you in the most sincere way possible. 🙂

So now the votes are in and the panelists will begin to review the applications and essay entries for everyone that qualified. I hope that not only my excellent writing skills (I write killer essays :)) will win them over but also my passion for what I do and my tenacity to never give up. I will most definitely keep you all posted on any updates from Mission Small Business. Here’s to big dreams and success! GO Small Business!!

Oh and I cannot forget. If I win this amazing opportunity, CELEBRATION to follow and all my supporters will be VIP! If I don’t win, celebration anyway 🙂

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