Personalizing Your Event Design – All About You

May 6, 2014

Sometimes when planning a big event, you want it to reflect a part of your personality. It’s like letting people into your world for an evening by immersing them in your favorite colors and surrounding them with your favorite decor and floral design.

For the bright and cheerful, this might mean incorporating beautiful and fragrant sunflowers as part of the design. These flowers pair well with bright white linens and white-washed wooden chairs.

For those who want to convey mystery, your event design can incorporate colors like licorice black, royal purple, and be augmented by sensual orchids for the centerpieces. We all have a personalized color palette that speaks about our personalities before we even introduce ourselves.

If you’re not quite sure what your personal palette is, think about the colors you choose to wear. Are you someone who generally chooses the same three colors, perhaps something like black, blue, and white? No matter how simple they seem, they can be turned up a notch for your event by doing some color blocking. Your cloth napkins can be a Van Gogh blue against a white table linen and the black may appear as the base for your centerpieces.

If you’re best known for always wearing bright red lipstick, you might find that you can convey this part of yourself through a selection of gorgeous red roses or through red water goblets. The idea is to incorporate your personal palette through various items in your event design.

If you’re a nature lover, it’s very easy to incorporate your passion into your event design. For example, if you are passionate about your garden, your event can include gifts such as these:

For this person’s wedding, their gifts were potted succulents which make for memorable gifts bearing very positive symbolism.

Take a moment to think about the things you are passionate about and list your interests. Take stock of them for a moment by writing a list of items that you care about and you’ll start to see what elements you can pull, such as colors, flavors, and scents, and you’ll start to see how you can put together the big picture for your event.


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