The Power of Purple – Design With The Color of Royalty

May 13, 2014

There are many shades of purple to choose from, so if this is your favorite color, you’ll enjoy designing an event that explores its many hues. It is a color that strays from the safety of pinks and is more mysterious and rich.

Purple is a rarely-occurring color in nature, which makes it that much more special and is the reason why it was a lot of work to provide clothing dyed in this color as far back as 1900 B.C. This is why only emperors were known to wear this color and thus why it is associated with royalty and wealth.

For your event, the color can appear on various elements and in different shades. Your cake can be decorated with flowers of lavender frosting. Your linens can range from royal purple to violet. Your floral arrangements can include actual lavender, orchids, sweet peas, or succulents, to name a few.

The varying shades of purple are very powerful because they allow you to be feminine yet mysterious without resorting to the typical girly shades which can sometimes be overdone if not balanced properly throughout the event design. Purple does what pink sometimes cannot, and that is to build intrigue by mixing well with other similarly deep shades such as hues of blue which then contrast beautifully against the crisp, bright whites of table linens.

Purples make it easy for people to design an event that is feminine without being overly dainty. If you have never been overly feminine or worn light colors, designing around purple allows you to explore a more vibrant color palette that doesn’t become too monochromatic, as tends to happen when people opt for the safe balance of black and white. Purple even lets you explore vintage appeal.


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