Event Planning Vs. Event Design – The Difference Matters

May 20, 2014

As you get started on organizing a big event, such as a wedding or other great celebration in life, you will need to know the difference between your event planner and event designer.

An event planner is someone who helps you figure out HOW to make the event happen. This is someone who likely has well-established connections with vendors and will organize the technical aspects of your event. The event planner will know how to help you manage your budget and tell you what you can afford. This is someone who can help you put together the “big picture” so that no elements are missing by the time the big day arrives. This is super important when you plan a wedding because if the day arrives and you don’t have a photographer, for example, you’ll wonder why you didn’t plan for one. Your event planner helps keep you organized so that nothing goes missing.

An event designer is focused on the WHAT aspect of your event. What linens should you choose? What floral design will best suit the event? What can best be done with the desired location for the event? Your event designer is the person who can help bring to life the vision you have for your event. Whatever dream wedding you’ve been fantasizing about, your event designer helps with the aesthetics that bring it to life.

You might be tempted to hire someone who claims to be able to provide both event planning and design, but it is advised that you contract these specialties separately. Chances are that the event designer who best understands your dream is someone completely different than the person who can help plan the event.


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  1. Article is Good and Useful Information

    • Cristina Barragan says:

      Hey there! Thanks so much! We love being able to share content that is informative and useful! Thanks for taking the time to visit our page! XOXO! Posh Peony Team!

  2. Great read! I agree with what was mentioned that it’s better to hire an event planner and event designer separately because each job has specialties. I would like to ask how do you incorporate event graphics into a grand wedding considering there are LED televisions already?