Bridal Personals Workshop

July 29, 2015

Last year I made the decision to shift my love of teaching over to my business and instruct aspiring, novice, and even seasoned florists how to create various florals using techniques I have mastered over the years. It has really filled my heart to be able to services so many and watch skill levels of all sorts, soak up my content and apply it in creative ways. Truly rewarding for any teacher!

There have been several¬†occasions where designers have asked me to offer private lessons or to teach their teams the art of wedding florals. This flattered me and I loved the idea so much but felt that I could not commit to such a project. As time went on, I would chat with florists, offer advice via email, forums, skype, you name it…I was there to help! I realized that I enjoyed this process and it didn’t require too much energy out of me. I was once there. The aspiring florist, with no knowledge, or anyone to turn to for help. This was definitely a frustrating and stressful period in my floral career. I spent many years learning through trial and error. So the idea of making someone that much more confident in their designing process, is indeed a great satisfaction.

After much consideration and organizing, I have developed The Floral Collective Series, which is a 3 part workshop which focuses on creating florals for weddings and business building. Below are just a few snippets of what the program entails.


Phase 1: Bridal Personals: Bouquets, Bouts, Corsages, and Floral Crowns.

Phase 2: Large Centerpieces: Grand Centerpieces + Tablescape Styling

Phase 3: Ceremony Decor: Canopy Building, Drapery, and Styling.

{Each workshop includes a business building session that goes over our creative process with sourcing, processing, pricing, orders, and techniques}. To join us for Phase 2, click {HERE}.



Workshops are hosted independently every month and will be offered consecutively twice per year in addition to our 2-day summit that will be launching Summer 2016… {more details to come on this one!}

That being said, this past Sunday, I hosted our first phase one of our Floral Collective Series, and spent the entire morning with some lovely ladies. We discussed my creative process including sourcing, pricing, and techniques while we munched on some yummy snacks. We then dove into creating bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and floral crowns. Everyone did exceptionally well and I could not have been more proud of each and every creation that day.

Want to join us for a future workshop? Phase two of our Floral Collective Series will be all about large scale centerpieces. For more details about this workshop and any upcoming events, click {HERE}. I look forward to blooming with you!







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  1. Adizat says:

    Hi Cristina,

    Your phase 1 floral series seems so much fun. Looking forward to seeing more details about your 2016 summit. I hope you consider distant 1:1 coaching for those of us that are not local. Hope you have a great day.