How HoneyBook Creates an Elevated Client Experience in My Business

May 12, 2017

Client Experience is a buzz word that seems to be going around the creative industry a lot these days. There are so many definitions of what constitutes a client experience and what’s been tried! For some, client experience means gifting your clients to pamper and show your appreciation. For others, it means delivering quality service and making sure that clients are satisfied from start to finish. In my business, it is the latter that I value most and what yields the best results in the bigger picture.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I began to examine my client experience and how it affected my business when attracting, nurturing, booking, and serving my clients. To my dismay, I realized that I didn’t have a streamlined system in place to deliver the level of professionalism and service I aspired to. When HoneyBook finally came on my radar, I knew this was something special and would be a game changer in my business.

Only a short time after implementing HoneyBook in my business, I saw so much positive change in my business. My inquiry and proposal process was streamlined and my clients were all organized into one manageable place. This was a huge time saver for me and allowed me to spend more time serving my clients rather than working in my business all the time.

Fast forward to today, and there are so many incredible new features in HoneyBook that have enriched my user experience more than I could ever imagine. My client experience is systematic and I can finally say that my clients are given an experience that not only sets me apart but allows them to continuously build trust with me and my brand.

Here is how you can easily implement a client experience that will blow your clients away!

1. Create Workflows: Think of the process that takes your clients from start to finish and automate it using HoneyBook’s new Workflow feature. From inquiry, to proposal, to contract signing, and ongoing communication. The moment a lead submits their information on your website inquiry form, your workflow is triggered and you barely have to lift a finger! This saves you time because you will have a formula to follow and a good portion of the work is automated.

2. Create Tasks: The new Task feature allows you to set up tasks in each project space to give you deadlines and reminders you can stick to. Never again will you forget to send a file, follow up, or complete a task associated with your client. You will be on top of your game and your clients will notice!

3. Create Templates: Save more time by having your proposal, contract, and email templates ready to go! Before HoneyBook, I found myself spending too much time answering the same questions and creating documents inefficiently. In HoneyBook, these templates are beautiful and organized and will impress your clients.

4. Use Workspaces: Keep all your client and collaborator communication right inside Workspaces to help you manage details and create accountability for yourself and your clients. Messages, photos, and files stay in one place, making them easily accessible. No more losing information, misplacing items, or forgetting details! Your clients will be impressed and appreciate the attention to detail that you provide.

5. Be flexible: When it comes to getting paid, HoneyBook makes it easy to revise and create payment plans that fit the needs of your clients. Lets not forget, that most clients are paying multiples providers at the same time and funds may be limited. When you offer flexibility in payment, your clients will trust you and find it easy to do business with you. HoneyBook even sends payment reminders so you never have to worry about forgetting to get paid!

6. Manage business from anywhere: For on-the-go creatives, HoneyBook’s app is a triple game changer! Notifications make it easy to respond with your personal email templates and files from anywhere (on the road, in a meeting, anywhere). You can also access all project details no matter where you are. Day-of docs are even accessible offline in case you’re out of cell service range!

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  1. Michelle Dudley says:

    I’m do glad Insigned up for HoneyBook when I did and I am so thankful for you as a resource of help and knlowdge!