Floral Design That Inspires Your Events

March 13, 2014

Carefully chosen floral design helps you communicate a strong message to your guest about the particular climate you want to establish for the party. For example, a lush romantic night can be inspired by dark-colored orchids, which are delicate and feminine, or plush red roses that convey a sense of passion as they emanate their classic, romantic scent.

For a baby shower, you might prefer tender floral design that uses pink roses, lilies, or pastel-colored tulips to best inspire the celebration of nurturing and motherhood. Daises and sunflowers are also fun and bright, which create a positive, joyful atmosphere for guests who are sharing in the good news that a baby is on the way.

For a specifically-themed party, such as something that incorporates vintage glam, you can go above and beyond with floral design that enhances what you’ve already put together with linens, glassware, and silverware, especially to beautifully present a dessert table.

This dessert table design is by

This dessert table design is by


If you are most inspired by nature, you can choose to design around whatever is most beautiful about the season. Currently, that will be the cherry blossoms which will bloom and be at their brightest on April 4th of this year. The beauty of the trees can join you for your parties in large vases on the tables and make you feel as if you’re at your very own cherry blossom festival.

Image via

Image via


You’ll find that floral design is the additional element that helps inspire a positive atmosphere and brings magic into any room or hall. Guests always feel special and important when they walk into an event where the floral design is inviting, gorgeous, and greets them with the pleasant aromas that only flowers can provide.

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