A Quick Guide To Floral Design Flower Selection

March 18, 2014

Flowers come in so many colors, shapes, making them the most flexible and fun element of event design. A specific floral arrangement lets a person know the difference between being at a luau, a wedding, or a memorial service, so you want to make sure that you go with colors and types that help to augment the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

The symbolic nature of flowers is something to consider, so you want to be sure that you choose your arrangements appropriately. For example, you wouldn’t have flowers that are specific to the holidays making an appearance at a baby shower. If you’re not sure which flowers will best complement a specific type of party, this guide will help give you an idea of which flowers will go best with your event.

  • Tropical Flowers – Orchids, hibiscus, and gardenias are appropriate for a Hawaiian/beachy-themed event. For beautiful leis, you could choose plumerias. Birds of Paradise are particularly striking because of their unmistakable resemblance to actual birds, so you may want to include these in order to create the illusion that your floral arrangements are gazing up.

  • Carnations – These come in a variety of colors, so choose according to the palette that you are working with for your event design. Carnations are typically less romantic than roses, so they are safe for celebrating occasions that are more about friendship and family love than they are about passionate love. Shades of white and pink are appropriate for Mother’s Day events.

  • Hydrangeas, Lilies, Lilacs, Freesias, and Larkspurs – What makes these flowers so beautiful is that they appear full and vibrant. They are great for baby and bridal showers as well as birthday parties and they will give the illusion of abundance.

  • Peony – this flower symbolizes wealth and romance, so it is ideal for an engagement party and wedding.

  • Poinsettia – This is the most obvious of the floral designs because they are classically symbolic of the winter holidays. As you can imagine, you wouldn’t necessarily use these for a wedding because they are so specific to Christmas.

  • Snapdragons – Pink snapdragons are beautiful for a little girl’s birthday party. You can also includ Tulips and Sweet Pea.

  • Sunflowers – These are the most casual and friendly, so they are great for birthday parties or relaxed, outdoor social events. Their bright yellow color contrasted with the deep brown center are a suitable match for themed events. For example, a children’s party with a bumble bee theme would make great use of this flower in its centerpieces.

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