Getting Down To Business – Company Party Event Design

March 20, 2014

Corporate events deserve a touch of class and flair that takes the guests as far away from the office as possible.

Company party event design is an opportunity to show your employees a fabulous night and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do. You will want to do more than just toss together a few bland table linens, floral arrangements, and punch bowls. You want to explore themes that are fun, inspiring, and that make your guests want to stay until the end of the night.

Companies like Google, for example, take great pride in designing events that are different every year. Just last year, their holiday party took on the theme of old Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel for their Los Angeles crew. The Seattle Google party went with a 1920s theme. The guests were inspired to attend dressed as flappers and bootleggers while the bartenders served up Old Fashioneds while wearing suspenders.

Why should you want to design a company party around a theme? The obvious reason is that it’s a lot of fun! You want to show your colleagues a time they won’t soon forget. Consider some of these themes for your next big office party:

  • A Touch of Paris – Parisian themes are easy to put together but they are not light on the elegance. A feminine approach includes black lines against pink backdrops and black and white stripes in smaller elements such as drinks straws. The ease of putting together black and pink allows you to be extravagant with your stemware.

  • Going Green (Eco-Friendly Parties) – If your company has been making efforts to bring down pollution, your party can become an extension of that practice. Go with earthy tones, but allow the fun to pop through floral design that incorporates bright orange and red flowers. Party favors can be notebooks/journals made of recycled materials. Offer guests pretty receptacles for their plastic drink cups.

  • Casino Night – An event like this will bring out everyone’s hidden talents at the Black Jack and roulette tables. This theme can include a lot of black, red, and gold representing a deck of cards and wealth. To further enhance the sultry, indulgent image, include black silks and chandeliers.

To further figure out the best theme for your company party, reflect on your achievements over the year. Think about any big contracts you scored and where those new clients are from. That could influence the theme of your celebration and remind everyone of the great work they did. Find your inspiration and allow it to encourage your colleagues for another wonderful year of success.


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