Something Blue – A Classic Yet Sassy Hue

March 25, 2014

We recently saw a stunning shade of blue on Amy Adams’ dress on the red carpet during the Oscars. We can channel the beauty of this color in its various shades for our own special events and incorporate it into various elements of our design.

We often think of silver as the perfect pairing with blue, but gold is just as elegant and chic, as you can see in the picture above (via

You can have a slightly blue coloring on your floral arrangements or as an ombre on your table linens. Or, if you want to be sassy, you can choose a shiny blue satin to make your table arrangements pop against white:

Image via

Image via

The light will bounce off of the material and add the kind of glitz and glamour your party needs while still holding onto a lot of elegance.

Blue is a very intelligent color because it is classic, flexible, and flattering. Softer blues pair up beautifully with earthy tones like light browns when you want to go with a slightly feminine and relaxing appearance. Icy blue is a beautiful shade that will look great with silverware, so you might want to choose it for your table napkins.

What about as a lighting choice? Blue can also be incorporated as part of your lighting to set a certain mood for your event. However, blue light is known for keeping people up pretty late so choose it only if you intend to keep your guests up past midnight.

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