Inspired By Spring – Event Design For Warmer Weather

April 2, 2014

The spring season is when we finally feel some reprieve from a long, cold winter. The weather finally gives us more sunshine-filled days with comfortably cool breezes, which means we can start planning for a few great outdoor events.

What better way to enjoy the blooming beauty of nature than by partying in it? With the rain and sunshine that nature gets in the spring, we get to see the new growth of beautiful plants and flowers. And if you plan your event just right, you’ll get to have it on a weekend when the sun is shining brightly and there is a cool breeze to accompany it. This is the kind of weather that guests will love.

You can design an event that is inspired by Spring and go beyond the typical pastel colors. If you love pastel pink, you might like taking it up a notch and design your event with a richer pink inspired by rosy wines.

(Image via

(Image via

Notice how the color of the beverage stands out next to the whites and greens of the table setting. You can implement that deep shade of pink into your event design by incorporating it in your floral arrangements or table linens. It’s more grown up than a typical pastel pink spring color and it also lends itself well to vintage design styles.

Notice that the stem of the glass is green, causing the beverage to look like a flower.

If your event is more on the casual side, you can serve classic cocktails in small mason jars. These are great for gin and whiskey based cocktails and are fun for outdoor speakeasy-inspired parties.

As you can see in the picture at the top of this post, tying cute bows to the jars makes them look adorable and they can be filled with treats if you’d like to provide them as gifts for your guests. They can be arranged on a single table for your guests to pick up before they leave, or as part of you centerpieces on every table.

As for which flowers to select for spring design, a few to choose from are beautiful tulips, lilies, or poppies. However, spring will give you so much more to choose from and you’ll have so many lovely ways in which to incorporate the beauty of nature into your event design.

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