Rustic Beauty – Event Design That Channels Craftsmanship

April 24, 2014

For those of you who love the rustic beauty of great craftsmanship, this might just be for you. It’s not too often that you see event design for traditionally formal events that takes a different path toward something unexpected such as what is happening in the image above. The dessert table is a beautiful, large wooden table in a room that looks like a polished-up cabin.

While incorporating wooden elements into event design may seem too informal, it actually allows you to mix in softer items such as plushy chairs, delicate tea cups, and other vibrantly-colored items that, when against the rich textures of wood, become the main attraction without being overkill.

Image Credit: Katie Stoops Photography

Image Credit: Katie Stoops Photography

Do you see how beautiful the dishes and desserts look when paired with the natural color and texture of wood? If you’d like something a little more mysterious, you can choose a cherry finish for the wood. If you want something brighter, maple might work for you.

This design evokes a cozy, comforting feeling as it channels the safety of a sturdy cabin in which guests can feel like they are right at home during the event. Using wooden tables create the impression of great strength and a connection to nature’s elegance.

This type of design is a great choice for someone who has a down-to-earth personality and feels more comfortable in an element that focuses on emphasizing natural beauty. Rustic beauty is a great choice for events that celebrate people who are generally toned-down and simple as it will allow them to feel comfortable while still flaunting very beautiful floral design and minimal linens.

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