Hosting 101 – Party Planning For Fun

April 29, 2014

If you are asked to help organize an event, you’ll have a few pieces of information to start putting together so that you know what to anticipate and how large the event should be.

Sometimes you and your friends just want to organize a fancy dinner party at home. Or, you may have been commissioned to put together an event for colleagues. If so, here are a few ways you can get started on hosting a fabulous night:

  1. The Guest List: Who is coming? How many people will you need to serve? Are they allowed to bring a guest? Figuring out attendance helps you sort out how many place settings will be required as well as gift bags if you want to send everyone home with a little something.
  2. Special Accommodations: Does anyone have special needs? Are there any food allergies you should be aware of? There may be some vegetarians on the guest list so it’s good to have something they can enjoy so they are not left out due to dietary choices.
  3. Theme: Which theme will best suit the celebration? For work events, if you’re part of a company that is very outgoing, they tend to go all out for costume events. For a more intimate event with friends, you are free to choose a design scheme that you think people will enjoy. For example, you might incorporate a chalk board on which you write “Drink Specials” and provide classic cocktails from the 1920’s.
  4. Location: Company events are best held in banquet halls that are relatively close to your work site. Hotels like the Hilton LAX have beautiful banquet rooms with excellent catering services.

These are just some things to consider when putting together an event. As things unfold, you’ll face the more intricate details such as linens, floral design, lighting and music (to name a few).

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