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May 22, 2015

Being an educator is a huge part of my life. I have been teaching elementary education for almost ten years now and the gratification I get is pretty priceless. There is something about helping others that really fires me up. No matter the age group, teaching and watching others learn and apply their knowledge is truly a reward on its own.

Aside from teaching children; grade-school standards and teaching entrepreneurs; business building skills, I made it a goal to teach my floral passion to aspiring florists, designers, and creatives all around. Last year, I finally launched my first holiday wreath workshop and it went incredibly better than I expected! We sold out and received such a great response from our students. I was hooked!

Fast forward to today, we have accomplished at least one creative workshop each month and launched our floral collective series as well! (more details to come about this..) My goal is to have at least one floral class and one creative workshop per month with guest instructors that will range from photography, to paper flowers, to callligraphy, to you name it. The options are pretty endless.

So, if you are a creative at heart or want to learn something new, check out our current workshops here and join in on the fun!

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Ps. Kindred Calligraphy is teaching a modern beginners calligraphy class on May 31st! Use promo code: KINDRED at check out to receive $25 off. We are almost at capacity, so grab your seat now!

Register HERE !



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