Motivation Monday: How FEAR Allowed My Passion to Bloom

June 1, 2015

FEAR. We all have it at some point. It grabs hold of you and keeps you from following dreams or making things happen. We let it get the best of us and most often times, it wins. It is a toxic state of mind that can often hold us back at the risk of being wrong or failing. But guess what my friends? Fear can help you succeed!¬†Fear can encourage entrepreneurs to develop strategies to improve the odds of success. Fear can motivate us to work harder, learn more, and manage better.¬†If you are truly passionate about what you do, if you believe in your dream and are not afraid to NOT be perfect, fear will challenge and push you to limits you didn’t know existed.

The Studio Keys

A year ago I took a leap of faith and made one of the scariest decisions in my business. Although I had already taken a big step a year prior by no longer working out of my home, and rented a small 8×8 office, this decision was on a much bigger scale. I had outgrown my space and needed to expand, pronto! After countless months of searching for the perfect location, size, style, budget, bathroom (yes, I event looked at that), I found the one. The only problem was that it was not “move in ready”. It was going to take LOADS of money, time, planning, permits, and hoops to jump over to get it to look and feel like POSH PEONY. This of course challenged my¬†dream because I felt that it was unattainable. I prayed about it every night and discussed the possibilities with anyone who would listen. I knew this was the next step for me and I wanted to make it work so badly. My parents, who were the most unconvinced and worried, that said I needed to move forward no matter the challenge or fear. Their confidence in me and support gave me that extra push I needed.

After a couple weeks, the place was mine and I moved into the studio without a hitch. To paint a more vivid picture, this studio was not just any studio. It was a building that only had 4 walls and a concrete floor. Everything had to be dreamed up. EVERYTHING! It is crazy to think that just over a year ago, my dream was only a concept and a passion that fired me up. Seeing it all unravel and become a reality is something I am so very proud of and it is a constant reminder on how anything is possible.

Point is…We need FEAR to succeed. It should not hold us back. Use it as a motivator and kick it in the butt when it tries to rain on your parade. It is time to stop the vicious cycle and use it toward positive purpose.

In the comment section below, let me know what are your fears and how do they keep you from living your dream?

PS: Stay tuned for details about the design process and all fun and not so fun adventures we encountered along the way. I will be sharing before and after photos as well!

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  1. Erika says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I so needed this today!

  2. Viki Kane says:

    Love your post…so true, so very true! Time to show fear who is boss!!