Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding Day Flowers

January 20, 2021

Hey Brides, this one’s for you! 

We know as fun as the wedding planning process can be, it can also be equally as stressful. We want to offer our insight and professional assistance in helping you achieve your dream wedding flowers. 

In planning your big day it is SO important to thoughtfully curate your vision and aesthetic. Taking time to put in the effort of understanding your own likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc., will leave you feeling more than satisfied and proud of your big day. 

Pinterest is widely known as a virtual mood board that can successfully inspire its user in really any category desired. It serves as a huge resource of information for topics that can help you budget your wedding, research current trends, plan out your color palette, and more! It is a database made for brides in mind, so take advantage of its many benefits! 

As you dive into the floral planning for your wedding these are some helpful topics to think over to help you get started. 

  1. Wedding Flower Budget
  2. Season of Wedding 
  3. Bridal Dress Silhouette & Style
  4. Wedding Style
  5. Color Palette

*These simple topics above can easily be searched in the Pinterest homepage revealing a plethora of wedding information! As you begin your research, pin your vision. Login to that Pinterest account of yours, create some boards with different headers and start pinning your vision. This will help you visualize and learn about all of the aspects needed to bring your wedding flowers to life. 

Budget Those Flowers, Honey! 

If we’re being honest, professional wedding flowers are not going to be the cheapest portion of your wedding budget. Understanding that you are not only paying for the flowers themselves but also the service will help to alleviate any surprises as you research and shop around for the perfect florist. 

It’s important to be upfront and honest with your floral designer about the budget you and your partner have created so there is no wasted time. Before your appointment take into account the quantity and items you may need; wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, ceremony flowers, reception centerpieces, flower petals, etc. Providing your floral designer with as much information about your needs will allow them to better prepare a realistic proposal within your flower budget. 

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? 

What month are you thinking for your wedding day? It is to your benefit to research which flowers are in bloom for which season. If you want a summer wedding let’s make sure your vision is realistic and you understand there are certain flowers in bloom in those hot and sunny summer months. Same goes for winter, spring and fall. Please note, there are year round flowers to choose from and you can gain insight on what those are by searching through different search engines like Pinterest and asking your floral designer at your appointment. 

Keeping in mind the season of your wedding will allow your floral designer to easily source the available flowers of your choosing at no additional costs. We cannot stress enough to take the time and do some research so you are not let down with unrealistic expectations that are way out of your budget and you can keep your costs affordable. 

Slay That Dress!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Balance is key”. Well listen closely brides because this rings true to your dress and your bridal bouquet. It’s important to establish your wedding dress style as you plan your wedding flowers so that there is zero clashing going on. #NotTodayHoney. We want to select wedding flowers that will highlight and complement your dress. Executing that perfect balance will also help bring those wedding photos to life!

Do your research and take a look at the different silhouettes and styles of wedding dresses you can choose from. Examples: (A-Line, Mermaid, Ballgown, Open Back, Lace, Simple, Bedazzled, Off the Shoulders, Deep V, etc.,) As these dress styles go hand in hand with your bridal bouquet, do some research on the various bouquet styles. Examples: (Cascade, Posy, Round, Nosegay, Hand-tied, etc.,) 

What’s Your Flava?

Ask yourself what style you are wanting to achieve for your wedding day. Elegant and timeless, simple and minimalistic, over the top and showstopping, eclectic and fun, modern and clean, romantic and lush, beachy and colorful, moody and neutral, etc., Take some time to write down what you envision for your wedding. What is your personal style or flare? Your partners? What excites you? Do you like dim lighting, twinkling lights or are you more on the romantic candle lit side? Are you into bright DJ lights, great big ballrooms, romantic vineyards or more into historic landmarks with unbeatable elegance. For your flowers are you wanting something dramatic or neutral? Elegant or eclectic? Romantic or simple?

Utilizing Pinterest as a wedding resource can connect you with various articles, graphics and even quizzes to determine your wedding style. Selecting the style of your wedding will make the process of selecting your wedding flowers that much easier as they will align and complement one another. When meeting with your floral designer, be sure to bring up your style and share what aesthetic you are working towards. 

Pick a Color. Any Color.

Let’s get down to it. What is your wedding color? Pick out some options that you favor and narrow down what your ideal palette is going to look like. Here are some tips and points to keep in mind when selecting your palette. Think about your venue and the setting that you are going to get married in. If you have a busy venue, find a palette that is more neutral and less striking so there is a nice contrast. Let’s focus on minimizing as many clashing moments as possible.

Also take into consideration the season of your wedding. This will help you pinpoint moody fall and romantic wintery colors or bright and airy summer or spring options. Narrowing down your palette, will again allow you to better select your wedding flowers so there is a nice blend and seamless balance carried throughout your wedding decor. 

Always Remember…

This day is about you and for you. (…And your partner, of course!). Lol. Don’t stress too much about every little aspect of your wedding planning. Flowers are intended to bring life to weddings and enhance the beauty that is you, the bride. Understand that it is important to do some research on selecting wedding flowers but also know that you will learn along the way what works best for you. Take some time to pin those Pinterest images and links, ask questions, shop around and find the right vibe for you. This day is one that you will treasure forever so make sure you focus in on what important topics there are to help you achieve your goals!

XOXO, Posh Peony Team!

To learn more and inquire about creating the wedding flowers of your dreams, click here! 

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