Dreamy Bridal Bouquet With Cream Majolica Spray Roses & Lush Greenery

January 27, 2021

Bridal Bouquet Magic

When you picture yourself walking down the aisle, we hope you envision yourself in your incredible bridal gown/attire holding a beautiful bridal bouquet. Bouquets add that little touch of magic that truly completes your bridal look. Bridal bouquets have been a long standing tradition in the world of weddings. Historically bridal bouquets have represented a fresh start for couples as they embark on their journey to a lifetime of commitment and love. Flowers are truly magical. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors providing each and every bride with an abundance of selections that will meet everyone’s needs. 

It’s so fun to think that for years incredible floral arrangements have been designed for brides all over the world to add that special flare to their wedding day. What we love about each of our bouquets we have designed for our brides is that every single bouquet, just like each bride, is unique in its own way.

Find The Perfect Balance

As we design each bouquet for our clients, we always love to reiterate that balance is key. Making sure that we create a bouquet that pairs well with the bridal style selected is very important to us. We know that wedding photos are special momentos our clients hold near and dear so we work to make sure that there are zero clashing elements present. As you begin your wedding flower journey take some time to think about the style of your wedding, the shape of your gown, the season of your big day, the venue, etc,. Taking these factors into account will help you work with your floral designer to find a complementary wedding bouquet. We want bridal bouquets to enhance all the beauty that is you, the bride.

Remember, your bouquet will be with you for a majority of your big day so let’s make sure we are intentional with the selections we make so we can achieve a complete bridal look! 

It’s All About The Detail

Let’s dive into this stunning bouquet featured for Natalie & Paul’s romantic day! As you can see, Natalie is wearing an elegant bridal gown embellished with intricate details of floral stitching, notes of chiffon and flowing tulle for the bottom with an open low back. As her dress is not bright white but more of a cream color, this was helpful in selecting the cream majolica spray roses used to create this bouquet. You will notice that this bouquet offers a variety of lush greenery from the baby blue eucalyptus, camellia leaves and jasmine vines. This color palette of cream, off white and lush greens selected is simple, classy and clean. Very complementary to the stunning bridal gown.

Take a look at the oval shape of this bouquet, this shape offers fullness as it features a variety of textures through intentional placement of colors, shapes and drape features. White huckleberry flowers can be seen throughout the bouquet as they help to fill any gaps and provide great texture. The white veronicas add a subtle pop to this bouquet with their wand like look that is both unique and elegant. The white stock flowers are a crowd favorite as they are classy and can be used for many different bridal styles. 

The cream vendela roses that have been intricately placed throughout the bouquet. These roses are very romantic and have such a great cup-like shape that again helps to provide texture and stability to the bouquet. The white astilbe is another unique flower that helps to soften up the bouquet with their feathery shape and look. The white dahlias featured help to serve as a great subtle filler flower that is not busy but helps to bring the bouquet together while the white lisianthus add in a ruffled look to contrast the simplistic components of the bouquet. As there are many flowers and greens featured in this bouquet, each holds a special place to provide the right texture, shape, height and fullness needed to create this look. We love that this bouquet was tied together with an elegant flowy silk fabric that blends well with the bridal look.

Let’s Handle That Bouquet

Have you ever thought about how you might hold your bouquet for your wedding day? Here are some tips and tricks to remember when walking down the aisle and for your wedding photos. It’s important that we focus on keeping the bouquet near our hips. It might be helpful to think about resting your wrists on your hips for proper placement. Remember to drop your shoulders, stand up straight and relax your body as a means to alleviate any awkwardness.

Make sure to tilt your bouquet forward so that it is not perfectly upright so that 1. You can show off those beautiful florals and 2. You can show off that stunning bridal bodice. Don’t stress too much about this as your wedding photographer can also guide you the day of, but giving this a little thought before your big day can make quite the difference in bringing your ensemble together. 

Bloom Recipe

To expand your floral knowledge as you plan your dream bridal bouquet, check out the bloom recipe used for this bridal bouquet below!

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Camellia Leaf

Cream Majolica Spray Roses


Jasmine Vine

Vendela Roses

White Astilbe

White Dahlia

White Lisianthus

White Stock

White Veronica

Let’s Get To Planning!

Now that we have discussed the basics and important details of bridal bouquets we would love to help you achieve your wedding flower goals. We source our flowers with the intention of being able to bring you the best quality products with highest quality service. To get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can get your own dream bridal bouquet, inquire here!

XOXO, Posh Peony Team! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Adrian Jon Photography • Venue: Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens • Cinematographer: Petro Motion Films
Wedding Planners: EDE by Jacqueline

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