Lush & Romantic Wedding Centerpieces That Create Those Wow Factor Moments

February 3, 2021

Center Of Attention

Let’s bring our attention to the topic of centerpieces. These items are the focal point of the very tables your guests will be seated at for a good duration of your wedding day. Why not have them exude that wow factor as your guests can converse with one another in a beautiful setting you and your floral designer have created together. In this week’s blog we wanted to share with you some lush centerpiece magic we have created for some special clients and talk about the components that deliver that wow factor moment! 

It’s All About That Base

Like all good things, we need a strong base. Now you can go in many different directions when it comes to selecting the foundation for your wedding centerpieces. To really provide our clients with that wow factor moment, you will see we used our tall crystal trumpet flair vases for this wedding vow renewal. These vases are stunning! 

In creating that wow factor element for this special event, we worked to use a base that could hold its own alongside the floral arrangements. This base is captivating and beautifully crafted with its wide opening at the top that allows for ample amounts of floral accents to be added in as well as the intricate stem it’s built atop. These vases helped bring this centerpiece to life as they provided a sturdy foundation that was aesthetically pleasing and elegant on its own. It’s important to make sure these are free of any fingerprints or smudges when in place as to really complete that professional look. We really loved how this piece came together! 

Big & Bold

Notice the height of where this centerpiece exists. This by no means is a tiny centerpiece. It’s not asking to be looked at, it is striking all on its own. The height adds in that grandiose touch that exudes drama and elegance. Based off of the style of this event, classic and luxurious, you’ll notice these centerpieces blended well with their environment. It’s fitting to utilize taller centerpieces when the room is more airy and open. High ceilings, outside venues, these are the venues that allow large centerpieces to captivate the audience and fill out any emptiness of the room. 

In addition to the lush centerpieces, you will notice the long garland made of greenery with subtle touches of white and ivory roses. This long arrangement helps to bring the centerpiece to life while filling the gaps using the same florals that create that lush floral look.
In achieving that wow factor moment, the shape of the tables also need to be taken into account. For this celebration long rectangular tables were used. In the same way that large rooms need to be filled out with higher and more abundant centerpieces, longer rectangular tables also need a little TLC with filling up the space.

We Love A Good Lush Moment

Lush. The word that comes to mind when looking at these centerpieces. What we love about these arrangements is the cohesiveness of them all. It just makes sense that with a long and slender base, contrast and an abundance of lushness is needed on the top. The long oval rounded shape these flowers provide help to create that romantic and lush feel. You’ll notice the different texture that has been designed for this arrangement with the use of the blooming hydrangeas, draping greenery, white roses, ivory roses, and more. 

Texture is so important as we focus in on the balance and consistency of each of our floral arrangements and bouquets. The consistent flow of balance and variation is really where the whole venue comes to life creating that wow factor appeal. You’ll also notice that along with the centerpiece and long beautiful greenery and rose garland, a long silk runner has been added to the middle just to increase that level of elegance and tie everything in.  

Always Remember…

Your wedding day is about celebrating and having fun! If you want to create wow factor moments, don’t be afraid to go big and to allow your creativity to shine. Talk with your floral designer, ask them their advice on how to create wow factor centerpieces utilizing flowers in season, versatility in shape and size and how to best fill the space of your venue. The flower planning process of your wedding should be fun! Flowers are made to bring you joy and have you feeling good. We want you to look at your centerpieces and feel proud and in awe of the beauty that is there!

We hope to help you on your floral journey for your special events and wedding celebrations. To get in touch with our team so we can get you moving towards creating those jaw dropping floral arrangements, click here for more information. We can’t wait to meet you! 

XOXO, Posh Peony Team! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Sposto Photography •  Venue: NewHall Mansion •  Planner: Ananda Rose

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