Why Finding Your Bridal Style Matters & How It Impacts Creating The Perfect Bridal Bouquet Just For You

February 10, 2021

Hey Brides!

Have you given much thought about your bridal bouquet? Do you even know where to begin? This part of your wedding planning process can seem overwhelming and daunting at first but we want to offer you some helpful tips to keep you happy and excited about this part of your bridal journey. Let’s dive in and discuss the importance of finding your wedding style as this is one of the very first things you need to know before finding your perfect bridal bouquet and wedding florals! 

What Kind of Bride Are You?

This may or may not be a simple question for you but we want you to ask yourself this and really take a minute to think about it. If you have the time and the means, it’s so important to be intentional about the planning process for your wedding. Now we know some engagements are very short and time can be limited so take what you need from what we share today and apply it to whatever areas of your wedding planning journey that fit best. 

Figuring out what kind of bride you are will be hugely helpful for your floral designer as you brainstorm your plan of action for your wedding florals. We want your wedding day to be something you look back on and think “Wow. I felt so beautiful.” We don’t want any distractions when it comes to the fine details of whether your style clashed with your bridal bouquet, venue, etc., Taking the time to understand who you are as a bride will really help to bring every component together and have an overall balanced and complete look. 

Now there are categories on categories of different bridal styles out there so take a look at this list we’ve put together to see if anything sparks joy or interest for you. 


The Romantic Bride is something you would imagine out of a fairytale. Very ethereal and beautiful. Dreamy, effortless, lovely, whimsical. If these words come to mind when you envision yourself on your big day, then I think we’ve found a match! 


The Boho Bride is playful, earthy, soft and enchanted. This style can be completed with floral crowns, soft lace and off the shoulder vibes. It is inspired by nature, natural beauty and outdoor elements. 


The Classic Bride is timeless. From the gown, to the makeup, the hair, the flowers, etc., this ensemble never goes out of style. The colors and aesthetic for this kind of bride are simple and elegant. 


The Eclectic Bride is into fun shapes, colors and textures. This bride is not afraid to step out of the norm and incorporate untraditional elements into their wedding ensemble and vibe. 


The Simple or Casual Bride is very sweet and to the point. This bride is not into frills or extras and enjoys a nice relaxed and simple vibe. 


The Modest Bride is very dainty and feminine. This bride exudes a style that is both tasteful and classy. Nothing too dramatic but instead just right, effortless and stunning. 


The Luxury Bride is into the black tie affair type of wedding. This bride is not afraid to show off their luxurious style through silk and velvet elements. This wedding style is tasteful with lots of class and elegance. 

Take some time and write down how you would describe your everyday style. What is it? What do you love about it? What don’t you love about it? You don’t have to fit any certain mold for your wedding and your style can be completely different from your everyday norm. Take the time to explore the kind of bride you want to be. What kind of bride you are will help you determine what kind of bridal flowers you need to complete your look!

Bridal Silhouettes

If you haven’t heard today you are hearing it now, You are beautiful. Uniquely made and beautifully you. As we are all different shades, lengths, widths, sizes, shapes, textures, etc., there is a bridal gown or outfit that is out there just for you. Don’t let your body type hold you back from feeling beautiful as you try on different styles to find what fits you best.

Take some time to figure out your basic measurements prior to your bridal fittings and consultations. Ask lots of questions to your bridal consultants and maybe focus on what you love most about your body and find a gown or items that accentuate your unique features. In the same way, once you have picked out your wedding style, you can then present that information to your floral designer and begin to design a complementary floral ensemble from there!

Below are just a few of the many different bridal styles and silhouettes out there waiting to be tried out! 

A-Line, Ball Gown, Mermaid, Sheath Style, Trumpet, Pants Suit, Off The Shoulders, Long Sleeve, Low Back. Remember, finding our bridal silhouette and shape will help you to narrow in on your flower selection. It’s very important that we incorporate bridal bouquets that balance and complement your bridal ensemble, not clash with it. 

This Week’s Bloom Recipe

To provide you with a little floral education, check out the blooms used in this stunning bridal bouquet! Blush and cream rose filled bridal bouquets are all about the romance!

Amnesia Roses


Faith Roses


Patience Garden Roses


White Peony

White Stock 

White Veronica

Next Steps

Whether you are just starting your wedding planning process or are in the thick of things, remember to take some deep breaths and know that everything will work out just fine. When it comes to your bridal bouquet and floral arrangements, first figure out what style works best for you and then sit back and let your floral designer create the magic. We would be honored to guide and lead you on your bridal bouquet and wedding floral journey. Click here to get in touch with us so that we can start that conversation and bring your wedding floral dreams to life! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony • Photographer: Whiskers & Willow  •

Venue: Mount Palomar Winery • DJ: Heart Sound ENT

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