Why Maximizing Your Floral Budget Will Boost Your Confidence In Your Wedding Floral Decisions

February 24, 2021

Hey Brides!

As you start the process of dreaming up your wedding florals, we want to share with you the benefits of maximizing your floral budgets! Maximizing your floral budget will allow you to fully reap the benefits of your floral decor from the boutonnieres to the bouquets, arch way designs to your centerpieces and more! Jump in with us this week as we discuss important points to keep in mind to successfully maximize your floral budget and receive all of the perks! 

Let’s Talk About Maximization

What is maximization? Well, in relation to wedding florals, it’s really getting the most out of your investment. What we mean by this is utilizing your wedding florals in ways that are efficient and rewarding. We know you are making generous and intentional investment choices when it comes to your floral budgets so we want you to feel confident in the decisions you are making. 

Maximization helps to not only increase your floral possibilities but it also will allow you to feel good about the investment you are making in your floral decor selections and the built up trust in your floral designer. It is our hope that you come away with the knowledge that each piece or pieces of your wedding florals have a purpose and create meaningful moments.

Shake It Up!

If we have learned anything from the amount of weddings we have had the pleasure of designing for, we can move and utilize arrangements in many areas of your venue all in the same day. It’s easy to feel discouraged or that you have to pick and choose where you would like to maximize your efforts for your floral decor whether that be highlighting your ceremony or rather your reception. We want to let you in on some secrets that you can have both. You truly can have it all!

As you have invested in incredible archways and aisle lining floral decor, this can be used in other areas of your wedding venue after the ceremony has concluded. In between the cocktail hour and reception, we, your wedding designers, have the magic power to make and shift your ceremony flowers into the next portion of your evening. Building upon what once was your wedding arch can be modified and expanded into your sweetheart, your gift table, your cake table, bar table high tops, the restrooms, accent foundation decor and more! We do not want you to ever feel like you are limiting yourself by selecting ceremony decor that will only fit that space.

Floral arrangements are so versatile that you can easily take your bridesmaids bouquets and turn those into table accents. The idea of repurposing and expanding will leave you feeling like you invested wisely and did not let any of your floral decisions and arrangements go to waste. 

Where To Begin

As you meet with your floral designer, do a little homework for yourself and ask the question of how you can best maximize your floral budget? Treat this portion of your wedding planning process with intentionality. Again, these are big investments and we want you to feel confident and assured that you made the right choices. Understanding that your floral decor does not have to be confined to certain areas or can only be used once on your big day will allow you to spread the lushness of your floral arrangements from the start to the end of your wedding. 

Take some time to think of what is really important to you and share those details with your floral designer. Do not be afraid to ask them how they can best serve and meet your needs while doing it in ways that are realistic and tasteful. 

This Week’s Bloom Recipe

We always love to provide you with a little floral education. Check out the gorgeous blooms used in this fantastic floral bouquet! 

Cream Garden Roses 


Garden Roses


Israeli Ruscus

Jasmine Vine


Majolica Spray Roses



Let’s Get To Planning!

We love to encourage our brides to feel confident in their decisions for their wedding whether that be their wedding style or wedding floral budget! We strive to speak on the importance of intentionality and value. We value you and it is our hope that you value our efforts and expertise. It’s important that you feel like you made the right investments and decisions when it comes to your wedding floral selections! If you would like to get in touch with our team today, head on over to our inquire page where we would love to get you started on your dream wedding floral journey. We can’t wait to meet you!

XOXO, Posh Peony Team!


Top 3 Photos

Floral Design: Posh Peony • 
Photographer: Adrian Jon Photography •
Venue: Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens •
Cinematographer: Petro Motion Films 
Wedding Planners: EDE by Jacqueline

Bottom 3 Photos

Floral Design: Posh Peony • 
Venue: Mission Inn
Photographer: Sposto Photography
Cinematographer: Miguel Garcia Studios

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