Spring Bridal Bouquet Breakdown Featuring Blush Peonies And Cream Garden Roses

May 12, 2021

Hey Brides!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and Spring is in the air! It feels so good knowing there is a new season upon us signifying new growth, new beginnings and for many of us… WEDDING SEASON! We are so excited that the world is slowly starting to feel somewhat normal again. We can’t wait to get our hands on more flowers to continue to design for you, our wonderful brides! This week we are talking all about a special hand tied bouquet for a stunning couple that said their vows oceanside over at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel.

Dive in with us this week as we teach you the How To’s for handling your bridal bouquet, what hand tied bouquets are all about and a little bit of floral knowledge! 

Hand Tied Bouquets

Hand tied bouquets are something so special. We love that in the midst of the strategy of building these bouquets, there is freedom to play on natural movement of the blooms to provide more of an organic look.

We oftentimes will utilize the technique known in the floral world as spiraling. This technique involves laying a bloom in your hand one stem at a time with the stems all in line while working to rotate the bunch with slow turns and rotations as each new bloom is added. It’s helpful to give these bouquets several rotations and looks from different angles to make sure you have a nice focal point, balance and body.

It adds such a nice touch to fasten these bouquets with a beautiful silk, satin or cloth ribbon, maybe even add in a stunning brooch like we did for this bouquet! These types of bouquets are incredibly romantic and add so much flare to our beautiful brides! 

How To Handle Your Bouquet

Have you ever given much thought about how to hold your bridal bouquet? This important aspect is oftentimes forgotten about but taking the time to understand the proper handling of your bouquet can elevate your wedding photos and really create a flawless bridal ensemble. We understand how exciting and nerve wracking this day is for you so we want you to remember one simple reminder, just relax. Try to relax, drop your shoulders, take in all that is your wedding day and breathe. This might seem simple and obvious but it’s easy to let your nerves takeover on your big day so being mindful leading up to the day can be very helpful! 

As you figure out how to hold your bouquet, first find where your belly button is and work to relax your shoulders. Stand up straight and position your bouquet right around your midsection. Your bouquet should allow ample visibility of your bodice and waist without sitting too low or resting too high. You put all of that time and effort into finding your perfect bridal gown so we want to make sure your bridal bouquet serves its purpose as your grandiose accessory!

As floral designers, we love the intentionality we put for the design of each and every bouquet. A lot of times there is a front and back made apparent with the ribbon, a brooch, pin, special key chain etc., Acknowledging if there is a front and back to your bouquet will really help bring your photos to life as holding the bouquet correctly will result in the movement and the intended depth that was created by your floral designer.

Make sure to get a nice firm grasp on the stem base as you walk down the aisle, pose for photos and/or grace through the venue on your big day. In some cases you may or may not have to tip the top of the bouquet forward and downwards just a bit so that your bouquet can be completely captured in all of its glory.

When selecting your wedding photographer, let them know if this is something you value and want for your wedding day early on so that they are mindful and can help remind you the day of! 🙂 

Bridal Bouquet Recipe

We are equally as passionate about designing for you as we are educating you along the way! Having some basic floral knowledge can better equip you when it comes to sitting down and planning out your wedding flower dreams with your floral designer. In this bridal bouquet we worked to incorporate greenery to give this bouquet that lush foundation. It’s helpful to build upon a lush base as you can incorporate the rest of your color palette and still keep things looking fresh and textured!

You’ll notice the movement that is provided by bits of draping greenery as well as the depth from the large blush peonies. These provide body to the bouquet without being too overbearing while the white astilbe, white veronica and pink majolica spray roses serve as great bits of filler and textured accents. Finished off with a beautiful silk ribbon and brooch, both this bouquet and our bride were a match made in heaven! 

Blooms used in this bridal bouquet…

Blush Peonies

Cream Garden Roses


Lemon Leaf

Pink Majolica Spray Roses

White Astilbe

White Ranunculus

White Stock

White Veronica

Next Steps

It’s never too early to start thinking about your dream wedding flowers. This part of your wedding planning process should be intentional and well planned as your flowers will complete your bridal ensemble and be a part of your wedding photos for years to come! We love the opportunity to share our hearts with you as we are all about high quality service, high quality designs and a high quality experience.

The floral process should not just be a transaction, this is a significant part of your wedding that deserves all of the love, intentionality and care. Click here to tell us more about you and your special day and our team will be in touch with you. We can’t wait to meet you! 

XOXO, Posh Peony Team!


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Katrina Jayne

Planners: Pure Lavish Events • Venue: Ritz Carlton

Invitation Design: Pirouette Paper Company • DJ: Trego The DJ  • Cinematographer: Love is Cinema  •

Dress Boutique: Blush Bridal Couture • Hair & Makeup: Flawless Faces Inc. •

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