Posh Love! What’s It All About? Wedding Floral Education, Wedding Advice, Wedding Tips, Wedding Support & More!

September 22, 2021

Hey Posh Peony Community!  

This week we are introducing a new segment of our blogging journey where we go more in depth on some wedding insight that we feel would be valuable to you and your loves! We are calling it Posh Love! We will be breaking down important components for planning your wedding from our first hand experiences being event planners, wedding florists, floral designers, brides ourselves and married individuals!

We want you to feel confident and prepared when you start your wedding flower journey. Believe it or not wedding flowers really do add so much value to your wedding day. No matter how big or small you decide to go with your floral arrangements, they help to complete your aesthetic and create the perfect atmosphere you are going for. 

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Read on with us to learn more about what this new segment will entail and discuss! 


To our Wonderful Community…

We are introducing this new segment into our Blog called Posh Love! If you are a bride, a groom, a fiance, a fiancee, a couple, partners, anyone interested in love, weddings, tips, support and more, this is for YOU. We are so excited to go deeper into educating you with floral knowledge and providing you with some helpful wedding tips. Here at Posh Peony, our team is filled with hard-working women who have all been brides at one point. We get the struggle. We understand the stress. We know the amount of tears that go into the planning process for a wedding (from every person involved).

Our hope is that you feel so welcomed in this space and know that you are never alone on your journey. Weddings are so monumental in your life and we hope you are able to enjoy the ride as you plan your big day. Our team here at Posh Peony will be offering first hand advice and sharing more about our own experiences and knowledge gained from planning and executing our own weddings + our beloved client’s weddings. 

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As we adjust gears and introduce this new segment, Posh Love, we want to share with you the types of content we will be discussing. 


Flowers oh flowers, we love them so much! We will discuss what you need to know when it comes to your wedding flowers. The value of the flowers, the value of the florists, seasonality, diversity, styles, aesthetics, execution, vision, inspiration, etc., We are going to be talking about anything and everything when it comes to wedding flowers. 


Your wedding is important, don’t get me wrong, but knowing yourself or getting to know yourself better is equally if not more significant for this part of your life. Understanding your wants, your needs and finding your voice doesn’t always come easy to everyone. We want to share some helpful tips when it comes to figuring out your wedding style, learning to speak up for yourself, gaining wedding confidence and becoming more decisive in your floral decisions. 


We love to educate! Education is so important especially when it comes to flowers. Our hope and our vision is that we can teach you basic floral terminology, provide a framework for all the labor that goes into the creation process and the value of florists and the products they provide. This market is booming and we want to make sure our fellow florists are receiving the value and commitment they deserve from their clients as they pour their hearts into the work they provide. Providing you with all of the floral knowledge you need as you meet with your floral designer will leave you feeling equipped and confident in your planning conversations. 


In addition to floral education, wedding advice and wedding hacks, we will be offering up some self care tips and ideas for you. We want you to prioritize your health so we are excited to offer you some fun ideas for yourself, for your besties, your wedding party, family and close friends, regarding relaxation, rest and pampering! 


This portion of the blog is intended to be relatable and honest. We are going to be talking more about behind the scenes of working with our couples. How wedding day issues were resolved, how we overcame challenges, got to better understand our couple’s vision, where our inspiration comes from, what we loved most about the wedding day and more! 

As we kick off this new segment we hope you feel the love and excitement we have for this newly restructured portion of our blog. 

Stay tuned for more!


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Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO, Posh Peony!


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Sposto Photography • 

Venue: NewHall Mansion •  Planner: Ananda Rose

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