POSH LOVE: 5 Ways Couples Can Prepare Before Meeting With Their Floral Designer

September 29, 2021

Hey Posh Loves! 

Happy Fall! As we kick off this new segment of our blog, Posh Love, we wanted to start off by sharing some ways you and your loved ones can prepare for your meetings with your floral designer. Even if you are not 100% certain of all your wedding details, having basic education around wedding florals will be to your benefit! 

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Keep reading! We’ve got some helpful tips for you below! 


Similar to intentionally seeking out your partner, we hope you take the time to intentionally seek out your floral designer.

Are they a good fit for your needs? Are they experienced? Professional? What are their client testimonials telling or showing about them? Do they have a portfolio? What is their specialty or style?

We know how much of an investment wedding flowers are. They are by no means cheap. As you begin to plan out your list of floral items, that list begins to grow and grow as you think of the bridal party members and their accessories, ceremony decor, reception tables, sweetheart table accents, cake accessories, accent table decor, aisle decor and more. 

Making sure trust can be found in the floral designers we select is when harmony can be found. Be confident in your floral designer and the quality of work they provide. Trust us on this one! 

Are you looking for more information on how to find the floral designer that is right for you?

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We want you to feel confident when you step foot into your first floral meeting. Nobody likes to feel unprepared. That’s the worst feeling. Taking some time to do some minimal prep work will set you and your loved ones up for success! 

We have put together 5 ways couples can prepare before meeting with their floral designer below! 


The last thing anyone wants is for disagreements to fester during important meetings in the wedding planning process. To minimize tension and any surprises, it’s helpful for couples to share each other’s wants, needs, likes and dislikes before their meeting. Having this type of information is beneficial for the floral designer as they can then create a plan of action moving forward taking into account all parties’ needs.

Grab a cup of coffee, jot down some lists and take some deep breaths as you and your loved ones chat about the desired details for your wedding flowers. 


Your budget is important. If you have a set budget, know your limits. Share with your floral designer your vision, your budget and your top priorities. Your floral designer will be able to take what you have presented and propose to you a realistic price point of what can be offered. Keep in mind that florists may or may not have a minimum when booking with them.

Floral work, as fun and rewarding as it is, is time consuming, needs a great deal of physical manpower, and is pretty pricey when it comes to ordering flowers and shipping them in from all over the world. 


Take some time to browse magazines, make Pinterest boards and even create a physical Mood Board if you’re feeling it! Seeing things laid out in front of you can be so helpful for us visual learners. Not everyone is confident in verbally communicating what they are wanting so visual aids are amazing for that!

Also, you and your partner can even make separate boards and present those to your floral designer and try to find a happy medium or compromise of some sort. 


When you meet with your floral designer go in with an open mind. Yes, by all means go in with your wants, needs, vision and dreams but be open to some suggestions from your floral designer. After all, we are the experts. We have been deeply rooted in this industry for many years so if certain flowers are not in season for your wedding or not as realistic as you had imagined, trust your floral designer.

They will work to honor your vision but they may have to make some adjustments to your process because of flower shortages, (like the crazy one we are currently experiencing) or functionality and mechanics for a large scale installation. Knowing you may have to be flexible with some parts of the floral process will give you some peace of mind if and when that time comes. 


We know everyone loves price shopping, we do! But when it comes to floral design we hope you understand that flowers are not inexpensive. Flower prices right now have consistently increased yet the demand for them has in no way slowed. Taking into consideration the amount of hours that goes into the floral process, the prep work, the transportation, the setup, the tear down, the reconfiguration of ceremony to reception florals, and we are not even talking about the design portion and warehouse visits, all of this has to be taken into account when it comes to floral proposals.

When a floral designer presents you with a budget, we hope you understand the value within that. There is a team that is involved and all of the backend work that not many people are aware of. 


Wedding planning can be tough. It really can but always remember the big end goal… Getting to marry the person you love and adore. 

Never forget that the journey to getting married is very important, so find the people who lift you up, give you confidence and you can trust when planning your wedding. 

Be sweet to your partner and enjoy this road to your marriage!


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We are passionate about providing our clients with quality service and the education needed for your experience to be a success! We hope you find value in the services that we amongst many other floral designers provide. This is what we love and we are grateful to be a part of such an important day for you and your loved ones. 

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We wish you all the best. 

XOXO, Posh Peony!


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