Bridal Bouquet Breakdown Featuring A Lush & Romantic Hand-Tied Bouquet

October 13, 2021

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This week we are talking all about bouquets and the magic that they create! Bridal bouquets have been around for a hot second. They are a long standing tradition in the world of weddings. Did you know that historically bridal bouquets have represented a fresh start for couples? I mean they are embarking on a journey of a lifetime so why not celebrate with beautiful flowers?!

Flowers are so magical. They come in all shapes, all sizes and different colors just like us. It’s really cool to see just how unique nature is with the wide array of blooms, greenery and flowers. 

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Keep reading as we dive in deeper with this week’s Bridal Bouquet Breakdown!

The Options Are Endless

Like many things, when it comes to selecting wedding flowers, the options are truly endless! 

We are talking color, shapes, sizes, ALL OF IT. 

There is so much freedom when selecting your wedding flower palette. Some style and palette options can be a muted vibe, something bold or romantic, luxury vibes, a modern approach, classic feel, feminine inspired, boho, rustic, the list goes on. There are so many options to choose from!

Where there is freedom with choosing your wedding palette there is also freedom when selecting bridal bouquets and other wedding flower personals. You want to add in flower crowns? You got it! Opt out of corsages and add in additional bouquets? Sure thing! Go for a non-traditional boutonniere? Why not?! This part of the process is meant for creativity and self expression so don’t forget that! 

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Below are some options one can choose from when picking a bridal bouquet style that is right for them.
(Helpful Tip! Finding a style that enhances and complements the attire/silhouette of the bride is very important to keep in mind!) 


Similar to a waterfall effect, Cascade Bouquets provide that natural cascading effect. You can definitely go chasing this waterfall! LOL


Think of what’s trending and what’s relevant. What flowers are in? Colors? Shapes? Right now we are seeing a lot of boho weddings with pampas grass and other fun textures BUT classic styles are also coming back and whimsical garden bouquets are beginning to catch fire! 


AKA Glamelia. Very unique and time consuming! This is by no menas an inexpensive bouquet. Comprised of flower petals one by one to create the look of one large single bloom. 


Think about flowers in their natural state and where they might fall and complement one another. Hand-Tied bouquets are oftentimes constructed using the spiral technique where one bloom is laid in at a time creating a spiraled stem effect. So beautiful! 


Think of a smaller hand-tied bouquet with fresh and fragrant blooms scattered throughout (hence the “nose”). This style is perfect if couples are looking for a more simple approach! Though they are delicate and small they are intended to pack a wonderful aroma of fragrance! 


Think of the moon, the sun, a wedding ring, hoops, records, all of these are round. Round bouquets are just that, round. Think of the blooms being designed in a round clustered format. That’s as simple as it gets! 

The process of selecting one’s bridal bouquet is much like choosing which ice cream flavor is best… 

weigh out all of your options, see which one sets your heart on fire and GO FOR IT! 😉 

Let’s Break It Down

This stunning bouquet is created with cream + off white blooms and lush greens. It’s simple, it’s classy and it’s clean! As you can see from the photos, this is very complementary to the stunning bridal bouquet of our bride, Natalie. 

When working to create that lush and full effect it’s important to utilize greens that can provide body and movement. We opted for baby blue eucalyptus, camellia leaves and those incredibly beautiful jasmine vines. Jasmine vines have a way of softening up bouquets and adding in that extra drape and length proving the bouquet with much more interest. 

The shape of this hand-tied bouquet is oval. It not only has a nice balance of texture but notice the intentional placement of colors and shapes to create harmony spread throughout. It’s helpful to think of bouquets as having focal points, accent blooms, filler flowers and extras. As you will notice each bloom serves a unique purpose. Is it there to add a pop or accent? Fill in a gap? Transition one color to the next? Add in a draping effect? 

Every bloom has a purpose. We love that! 

Bloom Recipe

We love to share floral knowledge with you so take a look at the list of blooms  used in this recipe to create this lush and romantic hand-tied bouquet! Enjoy! 

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Camellia Leaf

Cream Majolica Spray Roses


Jasmine Vine

Vendela Roses

White Astilbe

White Dahlia

White Lisianthus

White Stock

White Veronica

Next Steps

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Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Adrian Jon Photography

 Venue: Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens • 

Cinematographer: Petro Motion Films • Wedding Planners: EDE by Jacqueline

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