A Lush & Romantic Hand-Tied Bouquet Is Truly The Perfect Bridal Accessory!

November 10, 2021

Hey Posh Loves!

Happy Fall! 

I don’t know about you but I feel like this year is just continuing to fly by! As we get closer to the end of the year I’m trying to catch my breath and soak in every moment that I can with family and friends. I’m sure many of us can relate in saying this year is still a tough one. 2020 still lingers and we are all just working to get by, spend time with loved ones and cherish the moments. 

I’m grateful that we get to come to this space and talk about love, happiness and some of the best days in our clients lives. Weddings are just full of life! They bring families together, they reunite old friends, they create new friendships and serve as a way for a group of people to simply come together all because of love. 

Our team is grateful that we get to share a glimpse of what we get to experience in our everyday lives working as floral designers. We are very excited to share with you this week a really stellar bridal bouquet that makes you feel light, airy and happy just by looking at it! It was an honor to design this bouquet and we had a blast helping bring this celebration of love to life! 

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Keep reading to learn more about this week’s bridal bouquet breakdown feature! 


As much as we love to create and design, here at Posh Peony we are equally passionate about education. We have spent countless hours, months and years honing our craft as designers, planners, educators and business owners. We have the opportunity to educate our clients when it comes to the world of flowers and weddings! You might be wondering, “what do you mean by educating clients?” or “what does that even look like?”. 

From the very moment we meet with our clients we simply educate them. We share what we do, why we do what we do and how we do what we do. In sharing who we are and our mission, we are able to reveal a lot about ourselves and the things we find valuable for our clients to listen in on. In these conversations we simply share all that we are so that our clients can have a greater understanding of what service and products they can expect from us and the value that those services and products hold. 

If you don’t already know, the floral industry is currently experiencing one of the greatest price increases in flowers we have EVER seen. We have heard several conversations about “Why are flowers so expensive right now?” and “Where is this all coming from?”. 

Well to be perfectly honest, like the majority of the world, the pandemic has caused more problems than one. There has been a worldwide shutdown of flower farm operations which has led to shortages in labor and simply not enough flowers in comparison to the large demand for them. To add to that, many of these incredible blooms we order are not all US based so having to wait on customs shutdowns and delays has been ideal for many of us. We have had to opt for flower substitutions and really being flexible in our businesses with products we receive or do not receive in time.

If we can offer one bit of helpful advice it would be to practice flexibility. This industry is slowly recovering from the devastating effects of the pandemic so being flexible and trusting in your floral designers is really important. 

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In this week’s bridal bouquet we have a really fun list of blooms that we used to create this stunning bouquet listed below 🙂 

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Camellia Leaf

Cream Majolica Spray Roses


Jasmine Vine

Vendela Roses

White Astilbe

White Dahlia

White Lisianthus

White Stock

White Veronica

This bouquet is dreamy and romantic! It’s light and so airy. We think this accessory paired so beautifully with our bride, Natalie. We love learning about the bridal silhouette that has been selected by our brides so that we know if there will be a harmonious balance between the shape and the body of the bridal bouquet we will create for them. Natalie’s bridal silhouette was tight fitting at the top of her bridal bodice with a lush and full tulle bottom of her gown. It was fitting to pair with it a bridal bouquet that was full yet filled with so much femininity and elegance. 

In the photos you will see the draping effect created by the jasmine vine. This helps to really soften the bouquet by creating that natural garden feel. For example, when you think of a jasmine vine in your garden, this vine grows like a weed in the best possible way. It can stretch long and far over a high fence, grow nice and full while still keeping that natural flow and draping effect. I love how your eyes are directed to that whimsical draping effect in this bridal bouquet. This vine helps to create that cohesiveness of the bouquet as it helps to draw your attention to the other greenery and fullness of the bouquet. 

Take a look at the different textures and the movement that is created just by using blooms that act as filler flowers to provide a sturdy base while others are the focal point. The vendela roses are a showstopper in this bouquet while the white veronica and astilbe serve as the perfect accented textures! 


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• Floral Design: Posh Peony • Photographer: Adrian Jon Photography
• Venue: Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens • Cinematographer: Petro Motion Films
• Wedding Planners: EDE by Jacqueline

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