Why Weddings Are More Than Just A Big Party! Diving Deeper Into What A Wedding Is All About

November 3, 2021

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Thanks for being here with us this week! Fall is here and we are looking forward to many cozy nights snuggled up around bonfires whilst drinking hot cocoa. (Yes, even here in sunny California! lol)

We have such a love for this industry we get to work in each and every day. When you think about weddings, this is such a special day for all parties involved. From the couple to be, to the families, friends, vendors etc., everyone is there to support this wonderful couple. Weddings represent so much more than just a big party celebrating who that couple is. Through food, music, the venue, the aesthetic, and the flowers ;), this is the time for the couple to select their likes, their loves and their favorites to share with those who are near and dear to them. 

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Keep reading as we dive a bit deeper into the wonderful world of weddings! 


When it comes to weddings, it is incredibly important to plan

No matter how big or how small a wedding may be, we recommend to every couple to sit down and get a plan together. If our clients have the means to hire a wedding planner, then we say “Awesome! Go for it!”. Wedding planners are just that, planners. These experts work so hard to bring a client’s vision to life and it all starts with a PLAN. 

If a wedding planner is maybe not in someone’s wedding budget, that’s okay too! Just know, planning your own wedding can be stressful and really challenging (trust me, I planned my own) but it can also be rewarding and wonderful if there is a plan of action in place and the one doing the planning has the ability to delegate where needed. #StillWorkingOnThis 


Well, I think it’s fair to say that a wedding signifies love, commitment and loyalty. 

Weddings truly are not for the faint of heart. Haha These ceremonies are so much more than just a big hoorah in front of one’s closest relatives. It is a declaration of commitment and it is a symbol of the hard work and dedication two people will put into their relationship for the rest of their lives. 

Weddings are amazing. I loved my wedding. It was and still is to this day one of my favorite days of my life. It was the day when my family and my husband’s family came together to celebrate the relationship that we have worked so hard to build, maintain and nurture. 

Weddings bring people together in more ways than one. #LOVE #MARRIAGE #REUNION

Though much of our world is still navigating through Covid, love has not died. If you haven’t already heard, weddings are BOOMING this year, into next year and already being scheduled for the following year. 

There’s something so special and unique about weddings this year and I think a lot of it has to do with the wild and disastrous year that 2020 was. Weddings today bring couples together, family closer and friends that much tighter. Wedding celebrations are happening all over each filled with love, reunions, happiness and so much more! 


Ever heard of the old saying “It takes a village…”? I like to think of this quote when I think of our clients and all that goes into a wedding day. Want to learn more about the details that go into our planning process?! Click here!

Let’s break down some of the vendors and components that help make up a wonderful wedding day!

FOOD: I’m a foodie, my husband’s a foodie, we’re all foodies! Finding food that we loved and knew our guests would enjoy was very important to us! We opted for traditional Middle Eastern food at our wedding followed by cookies, cake and an ice cream sundae build your own station. It was a hit! 

PRO TIP: If you are a foodie, finding a caterer that makes you happy and excites your belly will never disappoint. Research local catering companies, private chefs, favorite restaurants, food trucks., etc., Trying out new spots can even be a great way to incorporate more date nights! 

MUSIC: Who doesn’t love to get down on the dance floor at a wedding? First dances, parent dances, bridal party dances, the list goes on. 

PRO TIP: When finding a great DJ, Entertainment Company, Live Band, etc., check out their website, read their reviews and testimonials! This is a great way to dive in and see what they are capable of. Find them over on Instagram and even take a closer look at videos and posts of their work. 

AMBIANCE: I’m a total ambiance kinda gal. It’s important to set the mood and  create a nice transition from one portion of the wedding to another. 

PRO TIP: Finding a healthy balance of ambiance can be achieved through lighting, candles, flowers, drapes, floral installs, venue selection and more. Think of a wedding ceremony, it would be great to highlight the stage or altar by using flowers, candles, floral arches, etc., When it comes to the reception, finding lighting that is appropriate for dinner, highlighting centerpieces and creating that welcoming and party friendly environment is a must! Don’t forget to ensure the mood is set just right for the dance portion! Use string lights, candles, DJ lighting, strobe lights, disco balls, whatever makes you happy!  

Now the list of vendors can go on and on depending on the size of a wedding but we will save that for future posts. 

All that to say, weddings are filled with intentional selections. Food served at a wedding might not be super important to some couples but to others it signifies their cultures, their upbringing and family. Music may be incredibly important to a couple that shares a deep love of great music, concerts, festivals, etc. Ambiance is a way to show one’s personal style and selection. It’s a way to take a deeper dive into the environment they will create with their partner. 

Weddings are a party, don’t get me wrong but don’t forget each portion of a wedding is intentionally selected just like a partner chooses their partner for life. 


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XOXO, Posh Peony!  


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Sposto Photography • 

Venue: NewHall Mansion •  Planner: Ananda Rose

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