Why Photographers Use A Shot List To Capture Wedding Day Details

December 8, 2021

We firmly believe that hiring an incredible wedding photographer is one of the most important elements for weddings. Wedding photographers come equipped with a list of to dos and must haves all You’ll know that you made the right decision in hiring an excellent photographer when you look back on photos and relive the story they once captured. Photographers are storytellers and the work they produce is a great way to honor their clients lives. Photographers use a shot list to capture wedding day details for a number of reasons. Keep reading to learn more!

Wedding Photo Shot List

First things first, let’s discuss the importance of why wedding photographers use a planned out shot list when it comes to photographing weddings. Shot lists serve as a guided checklist for photographers to use on the wedding day.

To explain, wedding photographers will most likely break down a wedding day into various categories. To list, these might include wedding details, getting ready, first look moments, ceremony, reception, couple portraits and more. These categories provide organization and a guided timeline for the photographers to create their magic. Organization is key and we love it!  

PRO TIP: Be transparent about your wishes and desires when booking a photographer for a special event. Before you meet, prepare some questions and do some research on the shots you love and are must haves. As a result, you will feel prepared and know what you are looking for!

Wedding Photo Must Haves

We put so much effort into creating floral pieces that are unique and specific for every event. It is incredibly rewarding for us to see our work come alive through the photos!  

To illustrate, below we have included some of our favorite must have categories and moments some incredible photographers have captured using pre-planned shot lists for both us and our clients!


These photos help to capture those special touches and detailed moments!

In working to highlight wedding stationary like invitations and RSVP cards, vow books, rings and boutonnieres, these flatlays can feature the color palette, aesthetic, flowers and style of the wedding!

You’ll notice these photos help set the stage and give you a preview of all that’s to come! 


The getting ready portion is meant to be light hearted and fun!

This is an opportunity for the photographer to capture the happy couple to be in their natural state surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Furthermore, these moments are meant to show off personal style, family heirlooms, jewelry, wedding attire, shoes, makeup and hair moments and truly a good time!


These portraits are an absolute must!

What better way to show off the entire bridal ensemble from head to toe than in these moments.

This is the bride’s moment to be themselves and show off their femininity and uniqueness. 

PRO TIP: When working with seasoned photographers there is no need to stress as they are the experts! They can guide their clients and show them the best angles in order to capture those special moments.


The ceremony is such a special part of the wedding day.

The groom and their groomsmen enter looking sharp and ready, while the bride is soon to make their way down the aisle.

We love seeing a bride walk down the aisle with their fathers or special family members.

This is the time to witness the entire wedding party come together to stand by the couple’s sides to witness the magic that is about to unfold! At this point the ceremony stage is set and filled with beautiful floral decor and arrangements.


At last the nerves begin to die down now that the ceremony is over and the real party can commence!

At this time the couple is feeling that they made it through the ceremony, butterflies and all, and they now can enjoy the rest of their evening and let loose.

These photos help capture the joy of the evening from the guests attending, to the first dance, venue shots and more.


There’s not much else to say about this category other than this is top priority.

Capturing the couple of the day in intimate moments that show off their personality and relationship is the icing on the cake.

These photos can be captured in various areas of the venue that have beautiful backgrounds and great lighting!


The accents, detailed decor, and floral arrangements are all a part of the wedding details.

This is the time to showcase the wedding aesthetic, any floral installations, centerpieces, table accents and more!

As you will notice, the photographer really did a great job featuring the various details of the day!


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Posh Peony! 


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  1. I’ve never used a shot list, but always get these shots anyway.
    It’s the in between moments that I live for.