The Perfect Organic Wedding Venue Is The Millwick

December 15, 2021

Lush weddings are inspired by natural elements like trees, vines, blooming flowers and all things greenery. The Millwick is the perfect venue for a client seeking an organic wedding or aesthetic for a special event. 

This venue is filled with unique areas for entertainment and pleasure with its mixed variety of dining areas, lounges, halls, and outdoor space. Each area is filled with a special touch of nature whether that be a wall filled with beautiful draping vines, tall trees and an assortment of potted plants. We love that this space takes you into a green wonderland minus the bugs, rodents and animals one might experience when in the actual great outdoors. 

This venue is perfect for those going for that organic aesthetic! 

The Millwick venue is designed with touches of natural elements and materials that are perfect for an organic wedding.


This unique space is located right in Los Angeles, California. From the moment you step foot in the venue, you’ll notice the attention to detail. This venue takes you away from the outside world and welcomes you into a lush experience. 

This wedding venue has a variety of potted trees and plants that line its walls, creating the ideal backdrop for the lush floral arrangements on the long dining tables

Nature creates a sense of peace similar to the organic environment this venue creates. The mood lighting and the unique furniture decor are only a small part of what makes this venue so appealing. In addition, the natural materials incorporated throughout the space mixed with the high ceilings creates that light and airy vibe. 

PRO TIP: When in search of a venue, be mindful to find one that is on brand with the event’s style. Balance is key. It would be a great disservice to the efforts invested into a party if in the end there was a clashing imbalance.


To start, let’s talk about the reasons why this is the perfect venue for an organic wedding. Well, this venue has a number of dreamy backdrops that are perfect for photos. This space will whisk you away and leave you feeling like you are in the most chic and organic jungle. To elaborate, right in the heart of LA, a city that could use a lot more rain, stands a venue that is fresh and vivacious!

The outdoor ceremony garden area is secluded and romantic filled with walls of lush greenery.

You’ll notice in the photos just how tall and how far up the plants and trees stretch. It is stunning! This component helps create that private and exclusive feel when it comes to a personal event like a wedding. 

Specifically, for intimate gatherings, whether they are small or large scale, this venue space would be perfect.

The large palms and leaves in the background show why this venue is perfect for an organic wedding.

The design of this event space is calming and undisturbed. Much like nature, this space provides the desire to venture into each area to experience new elements and a change of greenery. 

The bride and the groom were so happy after they shared I do’s in their organic ceremony setting.

The raw elements and materials of this venue go hand and hand with an organic wedding aesthetic. The skylights, high ceilings, floor to ceiling garage doors and lighting features help create that warm and natural glow. The ambiance that exists within this venue greatly resembles nature’s natural state. Most importantly, this venue is very open, allowing breathability, that is very helpful in this Covid world.

The centerpieces were a nice complement to the raw and organic wedding atmosphere of the venue.

We chose fresh green garland to drape on each table to complement the space around us. With added accents of flowers in the garland, this helped draw the eye to the floral compote focal point on each table. 

The brick wall mixed with the natural wood elements are complementary of the organic wedding aesthetic!
The high ceilings, natural light and elements help to make this the perfect organic wedding venue.

PRO TIP: Incorporating a lush garland into a long rectangular table helps to fill in holes or any empty spaces. We encourage you to get creative. For example, add a variety of candles, flowers and other elements, all very helpful in achieving an organic wedding aesthetic.


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Posh Peony!


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Alyssa Armstrong Photography  •  Venue: The Millwick

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