5 Unique Ways To Hire A Florist Not Just For A Wedding

January 26, 2022

Believe it or not there are many unique ways to hire a wedding florist not just for a wedding day. We like to think that after our clients hire us as their wedding florists, we are somewhat bonded for life. In our experience, we have worked with past clients both on their wedding day as well as many other special life moments for them. 

Maybe you or a loved one is recently engaged or maybe you are throwing a dinner party. No matter the occasion, we as wedding florists can assist you in helping create and design these events. There are no limitations on events when it comes to the services we can provide as floral designers. 

Keep reading to learn unique ways to hire a wedding florist not just for a wedding day! 


We as wedding florists offer our services and products to our clients on their wedding day. Additionally, we also are able to offer our services and products to our clients on other special occasions. 

Learn 5 unique ways to hire a wedding florist not just for a wedding below…



Bridal showers are so special. If you’ve been to one then you know this is a happy celebration that takes place months before a wedding. The bride to be is honored at these showers surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Whether this occasion is hosted at a restaurant, venue or maybe even a backyard, you will more than likely find these parties decorated. Why not add some flowers to the mix?

Keeping in line with the aesthetic of the party, wedding florists can easily help elevate the occasion with a variety of beautiful arrangements and/or installations. For example, if you are opting for a grazing table, why not incorporate a lush floral centerpiece or floral accents? Your wedding does not have to be the only time you can incorporate flowers into your big life events. 🙂


Engagement photoshoots are so trendy. There is an endless list of places to choose from when deciding where you want to be captured. Maybe you’re into nature so you opt for a forest or mountainous area as your backdrop. If you’re more into water and the beach, you can literally have a photoshoot oceanside with a beautiful sunset in the back. No matter the location, you can incorporate as many or as little flowers into them.

If you want to show off a preview of what your wedding theme will look like, this could be a fun way to incorporate flowers that will be featured in your wedding. You can choose to have bouquets, flower crowns, garlands, arch arrangements, you name it, all for your engagement shoot.

As an added bonus, if your engagement photoshoot is close to your engagement party, you can easily use the flowers to spice up your party! It’s a win, win!


Bachelorette parties are all about fun. These parties may be out of state, destination type events or they can be hosted in your hometown. As these events are decked out in fun banners, garlands, confetti, backdrops, they can easily be enhanced with beautiful arrangements. These floral arrangements can be fun, bold, bright and playful or they can be minimalistic and just help to beautify the space.

Flowers are a good way to reflect the emotion of events. Having flowers at a bachelorette will not only elevate the space but they will definitely liven up the party that much more!


Wedding anniversaries are monumental stepping stones. No matter if you are reaching one year or 25+ years together with your partners, this deserves recognition and celebration. Hiring your wedding florist that has designed for your wedding could be a full-circle moment.

Your anniversary can feature flowers that held a special place for you on your wedding day or something totally new and fresh! No matter what you decide, incorporating flowers can be such a fun addition!


Baby showers deserve all of the flowers and more. Showers honoring babies to be are sweet and tender. Deciding to include flowers is a great way to symbolize new life, fresh beginnings, health and happiness. It’s really cool when past clients have reached out after their weddings in need of flowers for these special occasions.

Not only does it warm our hearts to continue to serve our clients, this is an incredible way to honor the new life and another new chapter of love.

There is an incredible amount of personalization that can grow as a result of hiring your wedding florist for more than one occasion. It’s really cool to get to grow alongside our past clients as we have worked to build that trust with them. Life moments deserve to be celebrated both big and small. 

Flowers have a way of honoring the moments and seasons we experience. It is our greatest joy to bring them to life with our designs for every client we get to meet and build a relationship with.


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Supporting our clients’ vision and bringing those desires to life is what we work to accomplish. Creating elegant and luxurious floral arrangements and designs that greatly reflect our client’s love story is so special to us. 

Each wedding we design is extraordinary in its own way. It is our joy to see a wedding come together knowing we have helped jump-start this chapter of love for our clients. We invite you to complete our inquiry form here and connect with us today! Tell us all about your special occasion and our team will be in touch with you!


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Devin Donnahoo  •  Ceremony Venue: St. Denis Catholic Church • 

Reception Venue: Vellano Estate  •  Coordinator: Pure Lavish Events  •

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