Top 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Favorite Wedding Trends and Make Them “New” Again!

June 12, 2012

Cylinders and shooting flowers

Wedding trends continue to evolve year after year. Some stick around for a very long time and others go away almost immediately. Remember when submerged flowers and manzanita branches were all the craze? Even though we continue to see these trends year after year, there is always a way to spice them up and make them something entirely unique and almost new. Here are the Top 5 ways to revamp your favorite wedding floral and decor trends for 2012:

1) Manzanita Branches: This is probably the most common wedding trend that is requested without miss, every year. I like to tell my brides that there are many different ways to design a centerpiece or decor piece that involves branches without doing the same overused style again and again. You usually see hanging flowers, candles, and crystals on almost every design. These are still elements you can use in the design but lets add a twist. A fun way to make this centerpiece unique is placement of the branches. Why not try the branches in a cylinder vase or propped on top of a vase? This changes the look instantly and still delivers the rustic elegance that many brides love.

Manzanita Tree Centerpiece in Cylinder Vase

2) Submerged Flowers: This look can be very beautiful but can lack creativity if it is simply that; “submerged flowers”. I love to see submerged flowers when they are clustered by various vases in various sizes and shapes. You do not have to limit yourself to only using cylinders. Try using tapered cylinders, square vases, rounds vases, and all in different sizes. The floral selections don’t have to be uniformed either. Use different blooms for each different vase and don’t be afraid to incorporate different colors either. Lastly, the key is to use as many candles possible in this design. You can also incorporate surrounding votives in candle sticks or vases. Simply gorgeous!

Submerged Flowers with Candles Centerpiece

3) Candles, Candles, and more Candles: I do not know how much I can stress how candles in any shape or form really make an event space look ultra romantic and elegant. Now before you go to Michaels and buy the small votives by the dozen, consider using various votive holders. Again, what makes it pop are the various sizes and shapes of vases used. I absolutely love these tiered votive candle holders that compliment any centerpiece or look amazing just as is. These vs. the standard votive cups you can find anywhere, will definitely add to your event and give you a very intimate ambiance.

Floating Candles and Tulip Votives

4) Bling, Jewels, Crystals, and all things glitter: I am huge fan of all things sparkle! Aside from hanging crystals in your centerpiece, try wrapping the vases with jewel strands entirely and secure with a pretty ribbon. Or let them hang to emulate a chandelier. To jazz up the details of  your event, consider using it in ways you haven’t seen before. Perhaps trim around the votive candles, a broach napkin ring, or even a few jewels draped over the chairs or linens.

Bling Strands on Cylinders

5) Cascading Topiaries: I absolutely love topiary style centerpieces on tall elegant vases. This is a very popular style that will probably be reinvented time after time. There are many shapes in which the topiary can be arranged. The most popular is the round and tightly packed shape. If you are looking for something new, try a cascading style. This style may be a bit more expensive if you opt to use orchids, but the look it creates is absolutely gorgeous! It is something completely new and will definitely deviate from the standard look that is widely used.

Cascading Loose Topiary Centerpiece

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