5 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” When Booking Your Chair Covers

June 26, 2012

Chair cover before and after RS

Are your venue chairs beat up and out of shape? The easiest and most cost effective option to consider is having chair covers. Although one might argue that these linen cover-ups are “dated”, there are ways to make them more fashionable to fit your unique style. However, before you consider chair covers to solve your hideous chair problem, it is essential that you hire a linen provider  that will deliver professional quality as well.

The 5 DO’s when booking chair covers:

1) Do explore different fabric options: Poly is not the only fabric in the world! Try a satin or taffeta to give your room more elegance. Although this may cost extra, your room will instantly be transformed giving you something extra special. If this is out of budget, simply opt to have a satin sash instead of the basic sheer organza. This extra splurge will be worth it in the end!

2) Do try different colors: The standard chair cover typically comes in white with little to no “wow” factor included. Other colors options to consider are ivory, which will add warmth to the room, or black which will darken the room. Depending on your overall wedding style, the color of the chair cover will make all the difference. If available, explore other options like champagne or chocolate brown if appropriate. If you are having a bridal or baby shower, ask about pink or any other color you are working with. Simply put; don’t be afraid of color.

3) Do try alternative sash ties: 
The standard tie for a sash is the bow. Although this is very pretty, it can take your event from “nice” to “WOW”. The type of tie will also create distinction on what type of event it is. Bows are lovely when using them in a Quinceañera or a birthday party. For a wedding, try a wrap tie, or a side wrap tie or bow. These will give your chairs elegance without all the fluff. Keep it simple.

Royal blue satin sash tie on white chair covers RS

4) Do accessorize your sashes: Brooches, buckles, flowers, and feathers are just a few of the many ways to add pizazz to your chair cover sashes. These items can be rented or purchased online and given to your linen provider. My favorite is anything with sparkle. 🙂

Satin Sashes on chair covers with rhinestone buckle RS

5) Do hire a professional: This is probably the biggest things to consider when booking your linen provider. Before you make chair covers work for you, you need to hire someone who is going to work your chair covers. I have witness horror linen jobs in my wedding designing days and let me tell you. It is NOT pretty. Don’t make this mistake on your wedding day!

black satin tie on chair covers RS

The 5 DON’TS when booking Chair Covers and linens:

1) DON’T allow wrinkles: Who wants wrinkles to be part of your wedding day design? Nobody! Make sure you ask your linen provider how your linens and chair covers are handled and cared for. This includes chair covers, linens, and sashes. A properly handled linen will be essentially wrinkle free except for very few folding creases that are acquired during delivery on table linens and chair covers. Sashes should always be wrinkle/crease free. Always. Otherwise, this is what will stand out most.

2) DON’T allow used or soiled: Believe it or not, there are some linen providers that forgo washing linens after each use or properly caring for previous stains to cut down on cleaning costs. If you are booking $1 chair covers, you are probably hiring this type of linen provider.

3) DON’T allow damaged: Again, another problem that can be ignored by some linen providers. If linens are not inspected after every use for damages, you will be the victim of ripped, cigarette burn, wax covered linens on your big day.

4) DON’T allow mix and match: Ask your linen provider if the linens you are booking are all made identically. You do not want to have half of your chairs covered in pattern A and the other half covered in pattern B. It goes the same for color and fabric. Unless you purposely mix and match colors and fabrics for your theme, it all must match and fit your chairs properly.

5) DON’T allow $1 chair covers: As tempting as it sounds. Just don’t do it. The saying “You get what you pay for” is absolutely TRUE here. There is just no way to get quality and quality service if you are paying this much for your chair covers. It is mathematically impossible to charge $1 and be able to clean, press, set up, and care for linens at this price. Your linen provide is either A) Losing money, B) Not washing or caring for the linens, C) All of the above. You will only end up paying a higher price in the end trying to fix the mistake and stressing out about it.

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  1. janet says:

    IO know that you are in CA. I am in Ohio and having a wedding at the Hilton in downtown Cleveland and don’t know if I should have chair covers or not. The chairs are fine. but If I do don’t know what colors to put with what. My colors are navy.silver (I like bling but not overdone..don’t want it to look gaudy) bridesmaids dresses are in navy with silver rhinestone straps and I have a ballgown with beaded top. Venue provides white linens to floor. please help the chairs are padded on the bottom and on the backs they are grey and black tiny diamond shape with black legs.

  2. Hello. remarkable job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

    • Cristina Barragan says:

      Hello! We are so happy to hear you found this information valuable! Thanks so much for visiting our page! We appreciate you! XOXO, Posh Peony Team!

  3. Iris Smith says:

    I appreciate the advice that the color of the chair cover will make a big difference and that it depends on your overall wedding style. My daughter is returning from studying abroad, so I want to throw her a party to celebrate. I’m looking for chair cover rentals with a variety of color options that I can try on.