Useful Tips To Narrow Down Your Aesthetic For Your Dream Wedding

March 17, 2021

Hey Beautiful Brides! As always, this one’s for you! 

Oh wedding planning… We love to hate it. We hate to love it. Lol. What a rollercoaster of emotions this process brings!  

Lots of joy. Lots of tears. Lots of love.

We love to share our insight on topics that will better serve you and your needs as you begin to or are in the midst of planning your wedding. This process can be daunting. Going into wedding planning with basic knowledge and education on how to navigate efficiently and successfully for you and your partner is our hope and takeaway for you. The information in this week’s blog will hopefully guide you in the steps you need to take as you thoughtfully curate your vision and wedding aesthetic. 

Let’s get you on track early on to knowing who you are as a bride, what you’re looking for as a bride and how to get you to where you want your wedding to be. Read on to learn more about narrowing down your wedding aesthetic! 

It’s All About The Aesthetic!

Aesthetic. Aesthetic. Aesthetic. It really is all about the aesthetic. When you walk into a cozy room, there is an aesthetic based on what you see, what you might smell, what you feel emotionally. When you walk into a party, there is an aesthetic based on what you see, what you hear, what you experience. When you create your wedding, there will be an aesthetic. It might be magical, it might be romantic, it might be more simplistic, it might be bright, it might be moody, it might be luxurious. Your aesthetic will be special and it will be personalized as each wedding is unique in its own way. 

Creating an aesthetic is a great first step to laying the foundation for planning your wedding. This will help to guide your decisions as you have a certain taste and style in mind that will help you keep your choices in line with the vision. 

You can ask yourself a couple simple questions as you work to put your aesthetic together. 

  1. How do I want my wedding to look?
  2. How do I want my wedding to feel?

Remember, your aesthetic sets the tone for your wedding. When you figure out those likes, dislikes, colors, textures, flowers, etc., that is when selections can be made accordingly to fit your wedding’s aesthetic. 

Let’s Do A Recap!

So a few weeks back we discussed the importance of finding your bridal style and how it impacts creating the perfect bridal bouquet just for you. We went on to share that there should be a level of intentionality and care when working to create your wedding aesthetic. Understanding who you are as a bride and the presentation you want to create is hugely important and helpful as your work to find the style and tone of your wedding that is right for you. Taking the time to understand who you are as a bride will 100% help to bring in cohesiveness and provide balance to your aesthetic. 

Additionally, we shared tips on using Pinterest to plan your wedding day flowers and palette. Pinterest is widely known as a virtual mood board that can successfully inspire its user in really any category desired. It serves as a huge resource of information for topics that can help you research wedding aesthetics, current trends, seasonal styles, color palettes and more! It is a database made for brides in mind, so take advantage of its many benefits! 

Take some time to answer questions about yourself, your partner and the celebration you plan to create. Work to find an aesthetic that leaves you feeling delighted and confident in the selections you are making for your wedding. 

Remember, your aesthetic sets the tone for your big day so choose wisely and be INTENTIONAL. 

Always Remember…

Create an aesthetic that satisfies you. Find an aesthetic that will set the tone for your wedding and will create the atmosphere you so desire. It can be big and bold or simple and classic, but make sure it’s you. We want you to remember that this day is fun! Find inspiration in the world around you, through social media platforms and websites like Pinterest. Mess around with different styles, palettes, tones, volume, etc., until you find what’s right for you. 

As we always say, Balance is Key. Always remember to make sure there is a nice balance and your wedding has a complementary feel to it from the flowers to the palette selected, to the venue, season, etc., We want this day to be harmonious from top to bottom and we want you to feel confident in your decisions. 

Let’s Make Some Magic!

If you are ready to begin your wedding flower journey and design, click here to get in touch with our team. We love the opportunity to meet and work with new brides as each bride is unique in their own way. It’s important that you remember to do a little bit of research and find ways to educate yourself on your hopes, dreams and more upon meeting your floral consultants. Don’t ever forget that this process is one that is all about the love, so make sure you take time to truly enjoy it and don’t get too stressed! Ready to chat? We can’t wait to meet you! 

XOXO, Posh Peony Team! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Krista Mason Photography  •  Venue:  The Mitten Building 

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