5 Important Details To Consider For Getting Your Dream Wedding Published

June 2, 2021

Hey Brides! 

When you look for inspiration for your dream wedding, where are you looking? We’d like to think you would say Pinterest, Instagram, Bridal Blogs, Wedding Websites, Floral Websites, etc. Finding inspiration for your big day is half the battle as you begin to plan, prepare and finalize your decisions for your wedding. Click here to learn how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding day flowers! Whether we are designing flowers for an intimate wedding or a grandiose celebration, we design with intentionality for each and everyone of our clients!

When weddings get published this is such an awesome opportunity for you and yours to be featured, the photographer to get their work out there as well as all of the amazing vendors to be included in this publication. Publication works as an ongoing cycle of helping one bride to the next seek inspiration, recognition and satisfaction in their wedding journey. This week we are breaking down 5 important details to consider for getting your dream wedding published! 


Let’s dive in! It’s ALL about the details! Weddings are so special. Weddings can be intimate, mid level, or grandiose! No matter the magnitude, all weddings have the potential to be published and featured. The weddings that do get published are those that have fit a certain niche, need and place for a certain season. We are sharing 5 important details that could help you and your wedding team vendors get the publication it deserves


What are some of the things you hold near and dear to your heart months and years after your wedding day? Now it might be your wedding dress or maybe you have taken the time to get your bridal bouquet pressed and have it preserved forever. All good things! We love that! BUT we want to stress the importance of finding a bridal photographer that is going to do your day justice! When selecting your bridal photographer take the time to sit down and share your love story. It’s helpful when your photographer is able to offer their insight on how to best capture your love story from the getting ready shots, to the first look moments, ceremony, reception, in between, etc., Finding a photographer that you mesh well with and can transform your vision into life is key!

Finding a photographer that is able to capture your big day with the right angles, finesse and professionalism will go such a long way. This is not an area of your wedding you want to skimp on if at all possible and in your wedding budget. Your photos will last for years and years so make sure you are getting the best quality and care for them you can find! 


Strike a pose and stand out honey! Is your bridal gown a showstopper? Are your wedding flowers just the dreamiest? What does your table decor look like? Is it whimsical and garden-esque with overhanging floral installations, beautiful pillar candles and elegant dinnerware and linens? Have you opted for a Moroccan themed wedding? Have you gone for a more rustic style with romantic florals and lush floral arch arrangements? Maybe you have gone classic and elegant with simplicity and finesse, an all white floral palette with lush greenery accents! Whatever you decide for your wedding details, making them memorable will go a long way!

Think of when you are looking to find your wedding style, you are looking for images that pop, stand out to you and are memorable. Click here to learn more about the importance of finding the bridal style that works for you! Finding this for your wedding day is a great way to increase your odds for publication! 


Where do you see yourself getting married? What do you want your venue to look like? When you select your venue there are certain factors you need to take into account like your ideal price point, capacity limitations, season, travel times, etc., We get that and that is very important but if you can hone in on a venue that makes you feel comfortable, supported and fits like a glove to your wedding aesthetic then you’ve got a great thing going!

It doesn’t matter if you are getting married in your parent’s backyard, beachside at a beautiful resort, in a lush vineyard, historic house, iconic inn, what matters is if you are able to take your venue, expand on it, bring in your wedding flare, execute your style and create magic out of your day! That magic is what publishers are looking for! 


In a world filled with so much social media, hot trends, filtered posts, fabrication and all that jazz, what do the majority of us seek? Relatability. This element is what helps viewers feel like they are seen and accepted in a world filled with so much busyness and chaos. Looking at a publication that features real brides, real moments captured and genuine love is so special. Finding posts that you can relate to and see yourself in is where people tend to flock to. 

Making sure your day is filled with authentic moments that are true to you and yours is when the magic happens. There is only one of you so be sure to have this day capture you, your significant other and loved ones in your best light showing all that you are and all that you’ve got. 🙂


We love a good love story. From a young age we read about fairytale love stories. We see movies portraying love stories that are both sweet and tender. Why not tell a story about your wedding day? Why not share who you are, who your partner is, who your family is, what you love and how you all love one another? Telling a story can be so rewarding for both you and the world!

Planning your wedding day accordingly so that your photographer can capture moments that come together like a storybook is so beneficial to bringing your day to life! Taking the time to map out what your day will look like, what you want to highlight, what moments you want to feature in your wedding shots, these all play a role in the likelihood of being published. 


We love Love and we love that we get to be a part of so many sweet love stories. Designing for our clients is a way for us to honor them and complement them on one of the biggest days of their lives! We take pride in the quality of product and quality of service we provide to each and every one of our brides. We work to provide excellence in all that we do and we look to create memorable arrangements and floral decor that reflect our bride’s vision and who they are.

If you are in the process of searching for your dream wedding florist we would love to chat with you and learn more about your dream wedding. Click here to inquire about our services and see if we are the right fit for you! 

XOXO, Posh Peony Team! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Sposto Photography •  

Venue: NewHall Mansion •  Planner: Ananda Rose

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