5 Tips For Choosing The Best Flowers For Your Dream Summer Wedding!

August 4, 2021

Hey Brides!

This week we are diving into two of our favorite things, one being summer and the other being flowers! Summer weddings, summer flowers, summer brides, we just can’t get enough! There is something so happy and playful about summer weddings and there are so many different directions you can take with your wedding florals for these summer months. The possibilities are truly endless! We want to share some helpful tips you can take with you as you plan and select your wedding flowers for that perfect summer wedding. 

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Read on below to get the inside scoop for 5 tips for choosing the best flowers for your summer wedding! 


So you’re getting married?! How exciting! And you’re getting married in the summer?! Amazing! Let’s chat about flowers! We are breaking down 5 important areas to focus on when working to find the perfect flowers for your summer wedding! 


Have you created a mood board for your wedding? Are you dreaming up what you want your big day to look like? What style are you going for? What mood are you trying to set? Is there a certain aesthetic that excites you? Believe it or not flowers can elevate a space and really set the tone for a wedding with their vibrance, their balance, their colors, etc., Just like your bridal bouquet enhances your bridal ensemble, your wedding flowers enhance the setting, so take time to think of your vision and plan it out. Pinterest is amazing for this! We have some helpful tips to get you started with using Pinterest to plan your dream wedding flowers so click here and get pinning! 


We are going to be honest, flowers are not cheap. Especially after 2020, Covid has impacted flower farmers and distributors from all over the world which has unfortunately increased flower pricing even more so. A lot of times people don’t realize how costly flowers can get so they dream up these incredible installations and expect certain results while omitting the champagne budget. We want to remind you that it’s important to know that these intricate installations, archways, entryways, aisle decors, etc., come at higher costs so be mindful of pricing and be realistic with your budget. Do your research and be realistic with your expectations of the floral industry market as his will save you in the long run, we promise! 😀


Let’s talk colors! What will your bridal party be wearing? Where is your venue? Are you oceanside? Somewhere in wine country? Are you going more tropical? Are you looking for something timeless and elegant? Do you love bouncy wedding bouquets that are light, airy, garden-esque and natural flowing? Are you looking for more of a symmetrical shape? Do you like pops of color? Are you wanting more muted colors? Dried florals? Warm colors, cold colors? Taking the time to ask yourself these types of questions to get the creative juices flowing will really help you narrow in on what you want and will help you with sharing your needs to your floral designer.


The season for which your wedding is going to take place plays a role in the flowers that are available to you. Please know that not every flower is in season in the summer months, this means that flowers might not be available for your set date or they will come at a hefty price for you to have flowers the day of your wedding. Understanding that flowers are seasonal and knowing that sometimes you have to be flexible with what is available to you in those hot summer months will alleviate future stress and headaches! *Also note, although flowers may be in bloom in the summertime, this does not mean they will do well with a great deal of heat and sun exposure in outdoor installations.


It’s safe to say you will hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist for your wedding day, right? Why do you hire them? Why are you using them? Why are you investing in them? Well because you trust them, love their style, value them and are confident in the services they will provide you. Finding and solidifying your floral designer should look no different. Taking the time to build trust, connection, support, guidance, encouragement, professionalism, etc., should all be key components that will leave you feeling confident in your decisions and trusting that your designer will execute your day just as planned. Invest in your floral designer and they will invest in you. 

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We want to give a belated Happy Anniversary shoutout to our beautiful couple, Shelia and Adrian, who celebrated their wedding anniversary last month! Cheers to years of love, health and happiness! XOXO!


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XOXO, Posh Peony! 


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: HPW Productions •

  Venue: Lindley Scott House

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  1. Eve Mitchell says:

    I loved that you mentioned that choosing the right flowers will set the mood. I’d love to hire a florist to help me create wedding bouquets for my bridal party. I’ll create a vision board so the florist knows what I’m looking for.