Bridal Bouquet Breakdown Featuring White Peonies, White Ranunculus, White Lisianthus & Lush Greenery

September 1, 2021

Hey Brides!

As the fall season is fast approaching, we are soaking up every moment we can of this hot and sunny summer! This year is just continuing to fly by and we are blown away that September is already here! Fall wedding season is just around the corner and we cannot wait for all of the moody color palettes and romantic weddings! What color palette or style have you selected for your wedding? We’d love to hear from you over on our social media pages!

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This week we are breaking down an elegant bridal bouquet! Filled with beautiful white florals, subtle accents, textures and pops of lush greenery, this bridal bouquet was light, bright and airy! Talk about a crisp and classic bridal bouquet. Keep reading to learn more about all of the floral goodness!

She’s Got Style

We love hand-tied bouquets! 

These bouquets have easily become a crowd favorite amongst our brides for quite some time now and we can see why! The finished products are such a wonderful accent to the bridal ensembles of our brides! These types of bouquets are organic, full and contain a nice balance and variety of textures and shapes. 

You’ll notice in this bouquet that the bright white peonies are a nice filler flower that helps to provide body to the bouquet. Their fluffy and large appearance not only helps to provide body but also a fun texture from the tips of the flower petals. The white majolica spray roses have bloomed so nicely in this bouquet that the gold centers are another great way to provide a nice subtle pop to the bouquet. Sometimes majolica spray roses can stay tight and closed so this was so nice to see these come to life and enhance the bridal bouquet. 

Fastened with a beautiful silk ribbon and sparkly brooch, this bridal bouquet was complete! It’s the little things like finding a ribbon that matches with the bridal gown and brooch that helps to tie everything together. Just take a look at how this bridal ensemble turned out! We are in love! 

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Bridal Bouquet Recipe

The recipe for this week’s bridal bouquet breakdown is filled with mainly all white blooms and added bits of greenery like huckleberry and lemon leaf. You cannot go wrong with this color palette for your bouquet because it goes with just about everything and is such a sophisticated look! 

You’ll notice the white astilbe is a light and delicate flower that adds in the perfect texture to soften up this bouquet. It’s important to incorporate different flowers to add in dynamics and movement within a bouquet when working to create a lush hand-tied bouquet.

Check out the BLOOM RECIPE below!


Lemon Leaf

White Astilbe

White Lisianthus

White Majolica Spray Roses

White Peonies

White Stock

Next Steps

Are you ready to begin the wedding floral journey of your dreams? 

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We would love to meet you, get to know you and inquire if we would be a good fit. We know this is a stressful time in your life and we want to alleviate any tension/stress and make this portion of your wedding process sweet, fun and most importantly enjoyable! It is always our mission to put quality and excellent client experience first and foremost. This part of your wedding planning process is so important! We hope you take the time to be intentional about your selections and take into consideration your wedding venue, season, style, aesthetic and color palette. Take some time to dream up your vision and create mood boards to help you along the way!

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XOXO, Posh Peony Team!


Floral Design: Posh Peony •  Photographer: Dennis Roy Coronel  •  Venue: Santa Anita Park  •  

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