How To Elevate Your Wedding Cake With Floral Decor & Greenery Accents!

September 8, 2021

Hey Brides! 

Can we talk about how delicious wedding cakes are?! Whether you’ve chosen a rich red velvet cake, sweet vanilla buttercream, white chocolate + raspberry or maybe even cheesecake, we as floral designers love to add a little bit of glam to these cakes with beautiful florals! Not only are these cakes delicious they are equally as beautiful from the fondant, intricate frosting work, fresh flowers and more! 

This week we are sharing some of our favorite wedding cakes we have decorated as well as some inspiration for you as you plan out the small details of your wedding day! No matter how big or small you decide to go on your wedding cake, just know there are so many flowers out there to help you pull off the look you desire!

Are you still in search of your perfect bridal style? We’ve got some helpful insight for you and great points for you to think about right over here! 

This week we are keeping things short and sweet!

Read on to learn more about how to elevate your wedding cake with floral decor & the perfect greenery accents!

What’s Your Flava?

Let’s talk flavors! 

Before we jump into decorating wedding cakes, let’s talk about what’s on the inside. 

Are you more of a chocolate lover? 

A vanilla kinda gal? 

Are you feeling lemony?

How about coconut frosting?

Maybe even rich and robust with a red velvet cake?

What is your flavor of choice? Do you and your partner have similar tastes or are you both very different when it comes to sweets? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

What’s so fun is that you can have multiple flavors if you opt for a multi-tiered cake or have a variety of cakes of all different flavors, giving you the best of ALL worlds if you and your partner both have different tastes and preferences! We love this. It’s so fun when couples get to mix it up and have some fun with this part of their wedding!

Helpful Cake Tips

One level, two level, three level, four…

Are you a 1-tier wedding cake kinda gal or a 2-tier + kinda gal? Whatever your preference may be, there is a floral accent out there that is perfect for your wedding cake of choice!

If we’re being honest sometimes it can become a little more than nerve wracking when decorating a cake. I mean come on, you can bump the frosting, poke one too many holes or even knock the cake over. Thankfully we have never experienced a tumbling cake but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. 

However, as much as there are nerves when it comes to us designers adding the final touches to your wedding cake table, there is so much excitement and happiness as we do it! Learn more about our “Why” and why we love what we do so much by clicking here!

Pictured throughout this blog are some beautiful cakes from past weddings we have done with floral accents added! Notice the placement, variety, and color palette for each cake!

How stunning are these weddings cakes!

For some of the wedding cakes you will notice a cascading or waterfall effect. This technique can be executed really well using nice and hearty roses with a mix of smaller spray roses and even touches of added greenery. 

You will also notice a staggered effect. It’s almost looks as if a little boutonniere or corsage has been added to different areas of the cake. Additionally there are some cakes decorated with what almost looks like a floral crown for each level. Whatever your preference may be, we as designers are happy to put our artistry to work and deliver beautiful finishing touches to your dream wedding cakes!

Next Steps

Wherever you are at in your wedding planning journey, we hope you are enjoying your experience and are falling more in love with your partner every day. We know this part of your lives can be stressful so always remember to take a break from the planning when needed and be sweet to your partner! We’ve been through the wedding planning stages so we know how it goes so if we can advise you to be present and make the most of it, we highly encourage it!

As much as we love all things wedding cakes and sweets, we first want to get you all set with your wedding floral dreams! Are you ready to start talking about flowers? Well, we are ready for YOU! Head on over to our Inquire page by clicking here and tell us all about your big day! This is such a special time for you and your partner and the wedding floral process should be fun and enjoyable! We are so happy to have you here with us today and we look forward to meeting you! 

XOXO, Posh Peony!

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